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I want to let you all aware of Noahs Credit policy. I was going to have my wedding July 2012. I booked this room Dec. 2011. I ended up having to cancel my wedding date and move it to 2013 for some medical problems that have happened. I had already put half deposit down for the room. I had a special quote because one of their employees messed up and gave me last years pricing. When I canceled my event I spoke with Steve and asked him if I would still get my special pricing. He told my husband and I yes if we book it before our expriration date on the cancelation paper which was July 2012.  I called last night to book the wedding date July 2013 and I was told I no longer get that pricing and have to pay everything in full up front. $2300.00. The lady was blamming me for their employees not doing good. She was very rude. I said ok well pay it- but you set a payment plan up with me and you must follow our agreement. So I said Ill use the credit I have plus the 300 to even it out. She told me I could not use my credit as a down payment. Am i wrong at thinking its my money & credit I should use it how ever I want too?! I was never told I could not use my credit how I wanted to. I loved this place. They were so nice and welcoming and now its like I am being thrown under a bus!!! What should I do about this ?

Re: Noahs Credit Issue

  • Hello!  I am having my wedding at Noah's in July 2012! :D  It is a beautiful venue and I'm so excited.
    Let me make sure I understand - They won't allow you to use the down payment you already payed towards your future wedding date?  Did you tell them that you were informed that if you BOOKED the wedding BEFORE July 2012 you were told you would get the same price?

    I'm sorry to hear about this and I've had nothing but good experiences so far with Noah's so I can at least tell you that it shouldnt be a re occurring problem! 
  • I would fight for a full refund  and make a claim ith the BBB, but if you want to use them still, I would have a sit down meeting get everyone who promised anything to you and come to an agreement that works for you, you are the client and they would not exist without you. don't let them push you around. I am not sure what you are looking for but after I found their restrictions (no glass without a charge limited hrs, expensive weekend rates) to be well, restricting I found a place not listed on any bridal guide, its called Highland Gardens its near Alpine or just around the point of the mountain, no restrictions of any kind they even have colored linens for no charge the place looks like a greenhouse dream live plants with a glass roof,  waterfalls in 3 rooms and a seperate ceromony area, you get it all day for a flat charge of 1,950  any day of the week!  http://hgardens.com/ 
    I sound like a rep from there but I have just been treated so well and the deposit is only 200 till the week before your date
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