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Does anyone have any recommendations for ceremony musicians or DJs?  We are hoping to have quartet or pianist to play during the ceremony and cocktail hour following the ceremony, and the a DJ for dinner, cake cutting, dancing, etc.

I was recommended Squawkbox (sp?) for a DJ...anyone have any good/bad experience with them???  We're hoping for a DJ that can MC and be lots of fun, without trying to take over the show :). I have no idea where to start with the musicians so any help would be appreciated!!

Thanks everyone!

Re: Ceremony Musician/DJs

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    We are doing our music ourselves with the help of an Ipod but our venue is wired for that sort of thing. DJs always bug me at weddings because the music is always SO loud! But it is nice to have someone there to MC the event. It seems to make things run more smoothly time wise. I haven't heard any bad things about Squakbox.

    Good Luck!
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    We're working with Squawkbox. Our wedding isn't till May 21, but they have been awesome with us so far. Very pleased with the service! :)
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    Laughing Gravy Entertainment

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    I am using Craig Chambers.  I have heard awesome things about him and he is so nice on the phone!

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    I am using Craig as well.  He was recommended by my DOC.  I have heard that Laughing Gravy is very over-the-top, which is great, but we have an older crowd and are looking for someone a little more subdued. 

    I would say stay away from Complete Music -- not that I have had a bad experience with their music, but they were SO pushy, I must have gotten 10 emails from them wanting me to commit when the wedding was still 7 months away, and I was still shopping around.  No thanks!
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