Already stressing...

I'm not getting married until October and I'm already stressing about this wedding stuff. I know I need to enjoy the experience but we don't have a lot of money to spend and I really want it to be what I've always dreamed of. I know that it will be special because of course I'm going to be married to the love of my life! :) Does anyone have any suggestions on how to be less stressed about some of this?!

Re: Already stressing...

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    I'm right there with you!  I love my mom, but she's driving me to madness by worrying over flowers when she won't even let me settle on a venue.  My best friend told me that I need to do at least two things a day to make a conscious effort to relax.  They're different every day, but so far, it's really helped.  Another thing my FH and I are doing is only having in depth conversations about the wedding once a week.  We'll talk about it in passing, but since we're in different states right now, it ensures that we're still talking about things that will matter after the wedding!
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    What's got you stressed in particular? Sounds like you need a good night of WINE THERAPY! :D
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    I say get organized and focus on one thing at a time. Take one item and work it till its done and don't think about the rest. If it can't be finished in one go then get all you can done then think about other things. Just baby steps. No need to get over whelmed
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