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I have been reading through a lot of the threads here, there is a lot of info.
I need help with something though. We are looking at a couple photographers and looking through their packages. It's like comparing apples to oranges. It's like lists of hours and and then what you get like prints and albums and it's confusing. I guess i can figure out how many hours we need by adding up the times for everything. What if nothing fits perfectly.
How did the rest of you do it? Help?

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    Don't price shop photographers because you cant compare them side by side. Instead meet with a few where you love their work and then they can advice on a package that will fit your needs.  If your unsure about hours then commit to a minimum amount and then add on more time later.  Most photographers can put together a custom package to fit your needs.  It's ok if everthing doesn't line up perfectly because things can be adjusted closer to the wedding when you know more details.

    Look for a photographer where you LOVE their artwork and then set up a meeting to talk about pricing and packages.

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    I second Opie, find some photogs you like, figure out what is right for you regarding time, product, etc., then meet them and see what they can do for you...
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    Yeah, I didn't mean we were pricing shopping exactly.
    We have picked a couple photographers we like and called all of them to check the dates we are thinking about to make sure they aren't booked (I didn't want to fall in love with a photographer and find out they couldn't do our wedding).
    It's just picking the package that's so hard! And especially since one photographer will have a package that looks good and costs x amount the other will have a different package but similar that can also work and it's way more or way less. The price is kinda important, to be honest, although I am willing to spend more if I get more and will love my pictures.
    I do like the advice about talking to the photographer about the package, maybe they can tell us better, afterall they shoot weddings all the time, they will know more than me, I've never been a bride before.
    I hope I don't sound wishy-washy or dumb, I am just a little overwhelmed. I think once we get the date, photos and the location all settled I will feel better.
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    I would suggest a custom package!! That's what I did. Check out www.noeldangerfieldphotography.com - they are fairly cheap for the high quality images they deliver and they work with you, so if you need 8 hours of coverage, they'll do it, or if you just need 2 they'll do it.  Or if you need prints, or if you don't. I think on her website she has a basic package, that includes all the basics that most brides would go for, but she specializes in custom packages.  Anyway, good luck!! Hope this helps!
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