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Hi everyone! I am newly engaged.
I have a question. We are trying to pick a wedding date. Most people seem to get married on Saturday, How many here are getting married on a weekday? We are thinking of having the wedding on a Friday, but is that hard for people because they have to get off work or for those that travel?
Part of the reason we want Friday is because our honeymoon would include the weekend and we can minimize how much impact it has on our work schedules. I hope that makes sense. I don't want to seem selfish.

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    It's your bid day, you're supposed to be selfish! If you want to do it on a Friday, then go for it!
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    The people that really want to be there will take off work.  Besides if you have your reception in the evening most people are off work by then.
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    Thanks, I guess I was worrying for nothing. I wasn't worried about the reception it will be in the evening, but I was thinking of doing the ceremony in the afternoon. The ceremony won't include tons of people, just family and a few close friends for sure. And then a sit-down early dinner probably followed by the reception somewhere else. We haven't made a lot of decisions yet obviously.
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    [QUOTE]The people that really want to be there will take off work.  Besides if you have your reception in the evening most people are off work by then.
    Posted by OpieSLC[/QUOTE]

    This. those that want to be there will be there!
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    I'm having my wedding on a Monday. It doesn't matter when you do it. People will gladly take the day off or something. Mine is mainly family and they're all traveling, friends are taking the day off and again, most are traveling. This is your day, you can be as picky as you want. Make it Friday if you want to. I think it's perfect.
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    Thanks :) I feel so much better. I think I was just overwhelmed and stressed and the day of the week is such a small detail. I have noticed that us brides tend to get really obsessed over things that don't even matter, don't we?
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    We picked a Saturday, it's a good day if you want lots of people there.  I totally see your point with Friday, that's why we didn't pick Friday. But the people that care about you will come regardless what day you do it on, they will make an extra effort. And I also see what you mean about your honeymoon. On the upside, Saturday also works good with honeymoons because instead of leaving on Sunday, the next day, you can leave Monday, and rates for hotels and everything is so much cheaper during the week! (if you can get it off work, that is) and plus, you don't want to leave the day right after the wedding, you will be so exhausted, so it's good to have that day after to just be lazy and pack and get ready to go! But on the other hand, doing your reception during a weekday is good because you get crazy cheap rates on reception centers! I know a few girls that have done that. Anyway, hopes this helps!!
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    We're getting married on a Friday. So far all the people we really want to be there will be there! It's working out great!
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    We're getting married in the SLC temple on Friday and the day BEFORE, we're having our reception- well, in the evening.  But the reception is on a Thusday.  Maybe this will weed out the people that aren't totally into it.  That gives them a good excuse, right?  :)
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