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BM Dresses

Okay, I have two ladies in my line who are Mormon. Their husbands would be unhappy if they had to take their garments off for the wedding, so I am trying to find soemthing that would cover them... Everthing I find is so hideous and I hate it. I also really hate cover-ups. I thnk they look very inclassy. Any suggestions?

Re: BM Dresses

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    Check out Latter Day Bridal and Prom; they have some cute BM dresses that are modest and garment appropriate.  If you can't find anything, that works, maybe consider letting them find something to go over or under the dress to make it appropriate for their standards rather than you stressing out about it.
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    I also recommend Alysse's Bridal (beautifullymodest.com), Modest by Design (modestbydesign.com), and Totally Modest (totallymodest.com).  Also, it may be possible to just do some alterations on a dress you've already found--the addition of some cap sleeves might do the trick, provided the dress doesn't have too low of a neckline.
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    Thanks ladies!
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    I have had the same issue and honestly, I know you hate cover ups but that seems to be the best way to go in my case. I hate them too but the ones I found are kind like cap sleeved, just enough to cover garment sleeves, and they are super short, basically only covering the shoulders for their holy whites. :) Then they can all wear the same dress and just some will have sleeves. 
    I dont know what your budget is but you could always buy the dress and see if you can get it altered and add sleeves. I dont think that should be too much. There are also super cheap couture businesses and you can tell them your situation, show them the idea of dress you are going for and have them all made! Be a lot more than the previous two ideas though! Good luck! I feel for ya!
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    That was so helpful! Thanks a bunch!
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