Forested Outdoor Ceremony Site in Cache County Area??

We live in Logan. His folks are in Brigham City, mine in Logan, and we want to marry outside. Ideally, in/around an aspen stand.

Location ideas? I'm not even sure where to look. We were thinking up Logan Canyon, but are open to any ideas. 


Re: Forested Outdoor Ceremony Site in Cache County Area??

  • Well, Hello!  I live in Logan as well!

    I have some friends that married up the canyon.  They rented charis and had the ceremony at Tony Grove Lake.  Everyone had to walk a short distance on the path.  

    Another couple got married at high Creek Campground.  They roasted a pig, other foods were catered, they had a band, and homebrew.  Some people even camped overnight.

    Another couple I know got married in an old barn near Wellsville.  They must have known someone and asked to rent it.  They did their own food and hauled in all the tables and chairs.

    As far as aspen stands, maybe somewhere the USU foresty station?   I bet somewhere along Franklin Basin road you could find some aspens, plus the road is very drivable in a car.

    Guinava-Malibu has group sites - another friend had her engagement party up there.

    Do you want the reception elsewhere or at the ceremony site?

    Let me know if you want more ideas, I can ask FI.
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