winter wedding panic- Help!!!

I've always dreamed of a summer backyard wedding, but now I'm getting engaged and we're getting married in January!!  I don't have an eye for decorating.  Anyone have any ideas for indoor decorating to create a bright and warm feeling?  I'd love to still have colorful flowers and everything, but I'm not sure about the seasonal limits.  One thing I do know is I am going to have a lot of lights-- light strings, tea lights, etc.  Also, know anywhere to get those battery opperated fake candles?  I want lots!

Re: winter wedding panic- Help!!!

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    I'd suggest going with fire colors.  Reds, oranges, and yellows will create a warm feeling and poinsettias are beautiful bright winter flowers.
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    My best advice would be to shop the after Thanksgiving and after Christmas sales to find all your lights and decor. For a warm feeling, reds, oranges, and golds all work well, and if you pick one of the above, can usually tie in some bold colors, too.

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    How funny! I always wanted a winter wedding but don't want to pay the cost for an indoor ceremony and reception hall. I know you said you wanted bright colors and what not but did you ever think of just blowing up the snow theme since you will be having it in the winter? Here is what I picture when I hear winter wedding...I think Winter Wonderland. Dark blues, silver, and white. You could have your wedding cake have a simple elegance feel with all white with white snowflakes on it. Or you could do more showy with a sort of blue cake with white snowflakes. For lights you could have those small naked trees with clear lights on them. I know this is totally against what you were thinking but I figured I would give you something else to look at that would go great with the snow!
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