Dress Alterations - Cost & Where

Hello, I was wondering what to expect my alterations to cost, and if anyone could recommend an affordable, reliable place to get them done.  I have a consultation appt with DB but have heard that their alterations are quite expensive.  I will need the dress hemmed, bustled, and taken in at the sides and shoulders.  The fabric is plain, but there is a beaded sash around the waist.  (Pic from DB below)  TIA!

Re: Dress Alterations - Cost & Where

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    Gallery by Lynette in Riverdale charges $25-30 per hour for alterations.
    Here in Logan it's more like $20 per hour.

    I think SLC would be a higher than all of them.  I don't have any specific seamstress recs though!
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    I've never heard of alterations by the hour before.  Thanks for giving me an idea of what to look for!
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    HAii you still looking for dress alterations? I know a great lady that has made my girls dresses for my 15 (sweet 16) and my moms bridemaides. Her name is Tina, she lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and has great deals 801.906.9329. Say that Ruth recommended you, she gives my friends good deals compared to others.
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