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OK I hope I don't get shot for asking this, but has anyone ever done boudoir pics for their FI as a wedding gift?  I just moved to SLC from Dallas and I know a few people in Dallas that have done it.  We are getting married in Dallas, but I was wondering if there is anyone in the SLC area that does these pics or if anyone has had them done.  TIA!

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    hi im not sure what location you are in but i know someone who does it in the comfort of your own home. She is very relaxed and makes you look the best and not so umcomfortable for the idea of shooting like this :o) I actually just had some done with her and Im not sure if its still going on but she gave a heck of a deal for the holiday season. I dont think its a bad idea at all! After all we do it for our men right :)

    her contact is
    [email protected]
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    OPIE PHOTO has her own studio for budior pictures.
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    If you look back quite a ways in this forum there was a huge thread on budoir pictures. Everyone I saw is going through


    they all said she was awesome!

    Good luck!
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