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I apologize in advance if I'm posting on the message board without being a bride. I am actually an amateur photographer and am looking for opportunities to build a fun portfolio. I was wondering if anyone knew of some brides (within 50 miles of Salt Lake City) that would be willing to let  me take their engagement photos, bridals and weddings (if on Saturdays or sundays) for free?

They can choose their own location. I'm very new to all of this so I'd recommend getting a professional in addition to what I have offer. I will photoshop all the pictures for free and provide them on a CD when I'm done. I'm just looking for practice and would love to get as much experience as possible.

Please email if interested.


Re: Photography Portfolio

  • I'm in the market for my wedding ceremony and/or reception. I'd be willing to use you but I would love to see some samples of your work first. I've had a bit of bad luck with photographers as of late, so I may even use two for the wedding day just to be "sure" it works out.... Idk if that's okay with you or not?


    email me or PM me on here :)
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