Okay, Utah Knotties. I saw a similar thread posted on another board, but I wanted to find out what the local gals are paying for their weddings/receptions here in Utah. Looks like in other areas, it is not uncommon to spend 15k+ on the wedding. But growing up here in Utah, I've noticed that many coujples tend to spend far less than that. (although not all by any means.) I am just curious what ya'll have spent or designated toward your budgets.

I am sure the whole temple thing has a lot to do with cutting costs, but even for those who don't do a religious ceremony, I have seen less expensive, but still way awesome weddings. Thoughts??

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    My budget is larger than that, but I'm not having a temple wedding so that might be part of it. 

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    I don't know how many people pay for their own weddings these days, but I'd personally have trouble coming up with $15k, and I would never go in debt for one day either.

    I'd rather keep it small and intimate (way under $3k) and put my savings towards retirement and a nice trip.

    Everyone is different though.

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    Treelover, I totally agree. I have no idea how people come up with that much money for one day of their lives, but to each their own I guess. I plan on spending under about $3,500, but that is including our honeymoon too.
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    Oh gosh. Yeah I was looking at the average price of weddings and it's 10-15K. There is NO way we could even come CLOSE to that for our wedding! We have a budget of about $3,000 - and that's kind of pushing it, as it is. Like SamathaJean said - that is including honeymoon as well. 
    I'm having problems finding certain things that we want for our wedding... but after searching for hours and talking to tons of people... we found some great deals and some amazing connections for discounts ;-)
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    for real, you know there is someone with a nice backyard, and a sweet patio. And it's not like our parks aren't scenic (just think of all the cool picnic areas up big cottonwood canyon. those would be great for a ceremony and then a bbq reception, or even some friends of mine rented a taco cart.... there are alot of ways, it just depends on what you want. my wedding is being footed by my affluent in-laws, god bless them. i don't know how else we could've afforded all the sites and what not. 
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    Im planning on spending 8,000-9,000. That is not including honeymoon or rings. I have went over everything trying to figure how to cut costs but this is the minimum i have come up with!
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    Caculating your budget depends on where in Utah, time of the day, and also time of year.  Your budget will depend on what items you're planning to splurge on, if any, and ESPECIALLY how many people you can afford to invite and how long will your reception go for.  It's one thing to say you spent $3000 for 30 guests and $3000 for 300.  Budget averages aren't as useful if they don't tell how many guests was it for.  Your budget depends on good planning on your part, asking all the questions before booking vendors, comparing prices and contracts of several vendors so that you avoid unecessary spending at the last minute; alot of wedding business are full of scams to rip brides off. You'll save money if you don't get your emotions carried away but take time to look and think before buying wedding stuff. 

    Don't forget the typical Mormon road show repeat of receptions in different states and that can add up too.  Utah Valley expect around $4000-$6000 for simple wedding. Salt Lake/Park City the budget can skyrocket anywhere from $7000-$100,000.  I don't know how much in Cache but it's probably the same like Provo. For temple weddings you cut costs by not having liquor, officiant fee, ceremony site fee, and flowers for ceremony but then those "savings" can transfer over to another aspect of the wedding such as a second reception in a different state. I haven't set a budget yet but I'm already planning to reserve 15%-25% of the budget money for emergency such as taxes and tips.  You may plan to spend $1800 on food and drinks for about 150-160 guests but add in the catering/restaurant tax (7.85% Salt Lake Valley) plus the service charge/tips at 18%  (most caterers/reception centers I've looked into charge 20%-26%) and your total bill is close to $2600.  I don't drink but there are more charges/taxes applied to liquior in Utah so consider this if you're serving liquior.  Oh and some caterers will apply tip to your ENTIRE BILL and not food and drinks only; these costs are huge if you're planning a wedding in the evening!  Tips are taxed here in UT if they are shown on the receipt (assuming your wedding is at a venue, or having an off-site caterer and not family preparing and serving food) so plan your food budget accordingly. 

    Since I need to have the wedding indoors (January) I'm planning for a luncheon for family and close friends only and no more after that.  It's way more expensive to have a wedding reception after 5PM from what I've seen. 

    Sometimes it's not realistic to cut costs dramatically so consider putting money aside per month until the day of your wedding to pay for wedding related expenses that you want.  It's also a good way to see if the money put aside per month can be better used for paying rent after the wedding. Remember people you really care about you will attend your wedding because of you and your spouse and not the venue and food you will serve nor the entertainment you'll provide.  Best wishes and happy planning!  
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    I'm planning on having a small ceremony (150p) and a reception (300p) outdoors. My budget is 8000, not including honeymoon.
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    I  have to admit I had sticker shock when I saw how much weddings cost. My honey and I decided on a $3500 budget and so far it's going well but we had to change some things around to get it there. Lunch instead of dinner, simple flowers, just a maid of honor and best man and massive amounts of shopping around.

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