Alcohol at reception w LDS Family Members

I plan to have a reception with alcohol and my Father's entire family is active LDS.  He has passed away so I can't ask for his advice.

My main thought was should I put on the invitation that alcohol will be served?

I was also thinking I could ask my aunt, who I am most comfortable talking to, to tell everyone else rather than putting it on the invitation.  I know there are some that will come regardless but there are others that might choose not to come or will be incredibly offended when they show up if they are not warned, esp if the brought their children.  None of these people live nearby and I dont talk to them much, but I want to include them.

Re: Alcohol at reception w LDS Family Members

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    Although I live in Utah, I have no family from Utah, so I'd probably skip mentioning it on the invitation and just having an open bar like normal (well my normal), after all people don't mention it normally on invitations.

    I think LDS are fairly open minded enough that they can be around drinking and not be offended.  It's not like they are forced to do something they don't want to do.  I have invited some to my house for gatherings and I am drinking a beer right in front of them.  Of course if I'm invited to a block party as a guest, I don't show up with a six pack like I would if it were any other block party.  So in that instance I do use some judgement.

    However, might be best to ask your aunt. 
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    this is yours and your fiance day and if you want alcohol there, DO IT!!! I dont think you need to tell your family that there will be alcohol there cause they are there to see you on your big day and im sure they wont even notice if others are drinking. plus they might even have fun with the people drinking and let less!
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    I say you should be fine having alcohol there, since it's your day. Just makensure to have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks available and I think most of your guests won't even notice the alcohol at the reception :)
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    I am not LDS but a lot of my friends are. We are having an open bar but everyone who knows us knows that we drink. I did not put it on the invitations, just guessed that everyone would not be suprised.
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    I am not LDS but a big part of my Dad's family is.

    Honestly, I did not even think about it or even about offending people. My attitude is that it is my wedding and I will be celebrating it how I chose. If they don't like it they can leave... but I know my family and friends who are LDS understand that not everyone has the same beliefs and I would understand having alcohol at a wedding.
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    I think that you should not have to add the Alcoholic Beverages to the invite.

    If people get offended over something as silly as Adults, who are of age drinking, Then they are not focusing on what the wedding is about. Celebrating the union of two people and the joining of two families.

    If you are really over worried about pleasing all your guests,  providing non-alchoholic Mocktails for guests as well should do the trick. Grenidine, and sprite with-or-without a splash of lime, is a shirley temple. You can also substatute the grenidine for just about any Syrup that matches your wedding colors, like blueberry for purple color, Boysenberry for a marroon, ect. It is a simple fix to all of those people going loopy over nothing.

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