Hello ladies,

does anyone know of any places where you can buy loose/bulk flowers? A good family friend is doing our flowers we just have to buy them. I figured we couldnt just walk into a wholesale shop since we arent retailers so im just seeing if anyone had any ideas.

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    or maybe ill also ask if anyone has found any florists for reasonable prices? 

    Thanks ladies!
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    Save yourself the headache.

    Whimsy Floral and Design
    Studio Stems

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    its actually not going to be a headache since it wont be me doing my flowers...a family friend has offered to do them. im also looking into other florists and wanted feedback from other brides to be to see if they have found anyone interesting in their searches for florists. Unfortunately i dont have an unlimited budget (which i dont think anyone on here does, which is why we network like this...to get ideas) and i do not want to spend $1000 on flowers which is why whimsy flowers and studio stems are out of my price range.

     i appreciate any honest feedback from other soon to be brides.

    thanks ladies
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    What is your floral budget?  Most florists have a purchase minimum because there is a cost of doing business, collecting sales tax, paying income tax, wholesale cost of goods, etc.  The lowest I've seen a florist charge is $500.
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    Oh my gosh, she already said she has someone willing to do them for her. Pushing your favorite vendors on us because you have a deal with them or something is not cool. Neither is telling someone what they must spend!

    At a bridal show I went to Costco was there... or was it Sam's Club? Anyway, they said they can order bulk flowers in for you and you just have to pick them up at their store. I am not sure what sort of variety they have to choose from, but I would check it out for sure.
    I would also call wholesale flower places and ask if you can make a retail purchase. Obviously they will probably mark them up a bit, but it will still be less expensive than paying a florist the labor to put them together.
    Another option is to do a search online for wholesale flowers, some places will probably ship to you regardless of if you have a business license.
    That is very generous of your family friend to do this. You are lucky and this is what weddings are all about, family and friends.
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    Oh I wasn't pushing florists on anyone.  I was just recommending some local florists.  I'm not sure what kind of "deal" I would have with them.  I"m not telling anyone what they must spend on flowers just simply giving a heads up that most florists have a purchase minimum.

    Whimsy Floral and Design did flowers for my wedding and I was thrilled with the results.  I looked into purchasing flowers wholesale and quickly found out it might even cost me more to go in this direction because I would have to purchase vases, ribbon, pins, etc.  For me I found it to be a headache to have to buy 20 vases for centerpieces that I'll never use again and then be unsure as to what the final results might be.  It was actually cheaper for me to rent the vases from a florist at a very small price and then just pay for the flowers.

    Costco and Ensign are good wholesale options. 

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    thank you carliejean..i've appreciated your help throughout my entire engagement! weddings have blown up into such a budget breaking business and i totally hate the idea of people having to feel like they have to spend so much to celebrate their wedding. brides to be that do not have the funds for a "typical" wedding do have to do a lot more research, diy, use a little more creativity and recruit friends and family...but so what! it is still doable to have a nice wedding on a budget. it makes me sad that some of the brides on here have already been told by certain people (who arent even brides to be) that they will have to spend a certain (large) amount of money in order to have a decent wedding. Thats bs...and we all know it. i hope that other brides arent not posting anymore because they are afraid of what the responses will be. and i actually now have found a florist who is extremely reasonable, with family friends (who are much craftier than I) still helping out with the other details. and i am headache free
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