Multi-Cultural Wedding and venues that allow alcohol

I'm Caucasian and I've grown up LDS in Cache Valley.  My fiance is from El Salvador and he doesn't really claim a religion.  Half of our guests will be LDS and half will be something else.  So we're trying to combine a Hispanic wedding with like a traditional white person LDS wedding lol.  Has anyone else done this that could give me some tips?  Also a lot of guests don't speak English so we're having the ceremony in both languages.  We're having a dance, but almost all of the music will be Hispanic.  

We're also having a hard time finding a venue.  Our budget is limited and we need somewhere that will allow alcohol.  We're not having an open bar, but there's no doubt that someone will bring beer whether it's allowed or not, and I don't want to get in trouble for it.  The problem is I swear there is NO WHERE in Cache Valley that allows alcohol and the wedding is in December so having the wedding in Ogden or something is out of the question because we don't expect people to travel through the canyon especially in the winter.  HELP ME!

Re: Multi-Cultural Wedding and venues that allow alcohol

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