I need a wedding dress that's not strapless, but not temple-ready

I'm having a really hard time finding a wedding dress that isn't strapless or temple-ready. I want something that's very elegant and simple. I'd love a neck that's not too low-cut with an interesting neckline...like a peter pan or Audrey Hepburn type collar. Any suggestions on where to find this in Utah? I feel like everything is strapless or just the standard Utah wedding dress. Help!

Re: I need a wedding dress that's not strapless, but not temple-ready

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    I would google "bridal boutique" in your area of Utah and see what comes up.  Look through the collections on their website and see if there is anything you like/anything that is close to your vision.  Most, if not all, boutiques are willing to alter a dress you like, or even custom-make a dress for you.  I've heard that Alta Moda has some really unique choices if that's in your area.  Good luck!
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    Thanks! I'll try it!
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    I know one website www.dressmadeinchina.com. They can make custom wedding dress for personally and their dresses are really nice with good price and nice quality. They can also do as per your design picture. Hope you can get the one you like.

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    If your still looking, you can try gowns by pamela. They do some really interesting stuff. you can mix and match the tops and the bottoms. Its fantastic!!!!! They provide options so that you can really have a one of a kind dress.
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