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Okay, oh my gosh I have found the best hair and makeup ever. They are called fairytale hair and make up. They travel to you for the wedding day... I'm so excited I just got back from my trial run and it was amazing. I have never looked so beautiful. I have what they call a filler in my hair to make it more glamorous and it really does... I'm even more excited for my wedding day now.
There website is www.fairytalehairNmakeup.com . They call them selves fairy godmothers it's such a cute touch, but that's exactly what it felt like today!

Re: My Hair & Makeup

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    Really?! I will have to check them out for sure!! Thanks for posting. Laughing
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    Thanks a ton -
    I'm looking for hair and makeup for me and my entire bridal party, and I've come across Fairytale a few times. I think I will book them for a consultation. I just wanted to hear from a real person who has used thier services. I'm so excited now! :)
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