really short hair freak out

So my hair stylist moved and i had to find another one 6 1/2 weeks before my wedding. the guy said he was going to trim a little off the back and clean it up a bit. ok fine...well now it is really short. REALLY SHORT. i am trying to find a feminine touch for helping my hair look less like a boy for my wedding. any thoughts? can anyone think of a place that specialized in making short hair feminine.

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    What a horrid thing to have happen RIGHT before your wedding!  I can't think of any places persay but I do have an idea.

    Either make or buy some of those tiny hair clips... some have very pretty jewel looks to them... or you can get flowers... ribbons... whatever.  I bet with some practice you can come up with a lovely style!  If all else fails... look in the toddler/infants area for some fancy ones that don't look kiddie.

    Another idea is get get a hair piece for that day... like a bun/twist/updo that you just attach to your hair.

    I have a bit of a revierse problem... pondering cutting off some of my hair just to make it less cumbersome to deal with lol :D  Good luck to you!  Best wishes on the soooooon to be wedded bliss!
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    I'm so sorry that happened! My fiance proposed to me right after I had decided to chop all my hair off last summer so its been a mad dash to get it long again! My stylist is AWESOME! When my hair was in  a pixie it looked amazing and she was great with all the different cuts during the growing out phase. I have been seeing her for close to ten years and so I can very confidently recommend her! She's also been in City Weekly for best hair artist in Utah.

    Patricia Tann
    Sojo Salon
    801-446-0474 (salon)  or 801-897-0880 (her cell)

    She's usually booked out pretty far but usually she can find a spot to squeeze people in. If you tell her Lyndsy referred you it might help! Good luck!
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    Go to Salon K in Provo!! I have had a bob all my life, cut it to a pixie, and am now growing it out. Alena, my hairdresser at Salon K, has been awesome with all my short hair cuts, especially at making the pixie grow out period less awkward. She's amazing!

    Salon K, ask for Alena, tell her I referred you that might help.
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