Bridal Photos?

Are you planning on having a bridal session with your photographer?  My photographer is going to provide full day coverage, which will include about 5 hours in between the ceremony and reception, so I think there should be plenty of opportunity to get all the photos of me in my gown.  Can anyone think of any other reason to have a separate bridal session done before the big day?  I know some people like to display big bridal prints at the reception, but that's not a big deal for me.  
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Re: Bridal Photos?

  • shauntae930shauntae930 member
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    If you don't want your bridals displayed at your reception then there isn't really a reason to have them separate. I want mine displayed so I will be having mine done before the wedding day.
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  • KatyRoseMKatyRoseM member
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    I'm having mine done before because it will be one less thing to do the day of.  There will be a lot of pictures, so its helpful to have some done before.  Also, its included in the photos.
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    I am not having bridals because I don't really see the point in them! But mostly because I don't want pictures of just me displayed at the reception.  I'd rather have pictures of both me and my fiance so the focus is on us as a couple.  Besides, it costs less to cut out the bridal session if it's not something you REALLY want to do :)
  • YugabooYugaboo member
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    This is a thing I've ONLY seen in the west, after I moved to Utah. I was afraid' i'd look vain if I had a picture session of just me in my dress and I wouldnt want to risk anything happening to it! I say you have PLENTY of time and  britneyalyse is right, its about the two of you! plus think of how much you'll save!
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    My FI and I are doing a "groomal" session, which is like bridal session but with both the bride and groom all dressed up.  One of the reasons we're doing this is because I want to get the "first look" pictures of him seeing me in my wedding dress (which we couldn't get otherwise in the temple).  Another big reason is that our Big Day is pretty packed and we don't want to feel time pressure to get the most important shots of the day.  So, we are doing them the week before in several different locations to take some pressure off of the wedding day photo scramble. 

    Other than that, I'm not the kind of bride that wants framed photos of myself all over the reception venue either, haha!
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