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Has anyone honeymooned or vacationed in Honduras? Fiance and I have been there on a cruise and absolutely loved it. Considering a possible HM there, but searching for an all inclusive resort that someone can reccomend. We always travel with Apple but they do not have any options in Honduras.


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    do you need an AI there? its so super cheap why bother?
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    I just prefer all inclusive, don't want to be bothered with anything having to do with money on the honeymoon.
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    I'd check out 'luxurylatinamerica.com.  THey have good reviews of hotels in every Central American and South American country.
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    I actually just got back from Roatan about 2 weeks ago and it was a great vacation!  I don't think there are any typical AIs on the island, but Infinity Bay (where we stayed) does have an option to include meals.  However, they currently only have their Palapa bar (on the beach) open as their main building is under construction, which I understand is supposed to be finished soon and will include another restaurant.  The palapa bar still has good food, and there are many other restaurants along the beach.  

    Some of the other hotels might also offer a meal option, but honestly, I preferred being able to dine at other places.  Some of the places in West Bay accept credit cards, but for those that don't, you can pay in USD and they will give you change in lempira's, and the exchange rate is pretty easy to figure out.  Almost no where in West End accepts credit card though, so you'll need to have cash.  But there are a lot of restaurants you'd miss out on if you planned to only eat at the hotel.

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