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We have decided on Kauai for our late but better than never Honeymoon in February. I was wondering if anyone could give us tips on what area was good to stay in. Poipu beach and Princeville seem popular, but I know there are other regions like Waimea. Not sure where to start. Also any tips on sites/attractions and restaurants would be great. Thanks!

We got married 11/3/12!!

Re: Kauai!!

  • If you're going in February, I'd recommend the South Shore/Poipu area.  We were there in March and the North Shore definitely gets more rain during that time of year.  We had perfect sunny weather near Poipu, but our catamaran cruise sailing out of Princeville got canceled due to inclement weather and choppy waters. 

    We absolutely loved the Hyatt.  Koa Kea is another great option for honeymooners, though the grounds at the Hyatt are just gorgeous.  We rented a convertible (use Priceline and bid a few weeks out!) and drove all over the island - the NS is definitely scenic and worth at least a day.  Ke'e Beach was a favorite of ours.  

    Kalaheo Cafe was excellent for brunch - go there the morning you go to Waimea Canyon.  Merriman's is a favorite of ours on both Maui and Kauai.  We also had a great dinner at Josselin's.  I have heard great things about Bar Acuda on the NS.  Beach House gets a lot of hype, but my H and I thought it was highly overrated. 

    Have a great hm - Kauai is gorgeous! 
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  • Thank you so much! That was really helpful!!

    We got married 11/3/12!!

  • I'm heading back to Kauai in May. Last time I was there was during January. Both times, I stayed/am staying in Princeville at the Westin. It's right next door to the St. Regis, which was closed for renovations last time I was there and this time, we're bringing my 18 year old step daughter, so staying at the Westin makes more sense. The Westin is actually condo units, so you can have your own kitchen, as well as a washer/dryer. We do a lot of hiking and being able to do wash clothes after a brutal hike is a must! I definitely think the Hyatt, as girl mentioned, is a fabulous choice in Poipu and it's a great time of year to stay on that part of the island. While we were there last time, we did some hikes, drove to the Waimea Canyon, and Kilauea Lighthouse. I ended up getting sick while I was there, so we didn't venture out too much beyond that. Since I felt like crap, we used our kitchen and onsite BBQs a lot so I don't have much in the way to offer for restaurants either.


  • Ditto PP about staying towards the south shore in February.  We were there late Feb/early March this year and we got a LOT of rain in Princeville.  We stayed in a condo/resort property, so as far as typical hotels, I wouldn't have a recommendation, but I'd suggest you look into a condo as well, it's my favorite way to travel now because I love having the full amenities of home (kitchen/laundry/full bedroom).

    You'll probably still get some rain (which is why Kauai is so green), so I'd highly recommend doing the Kipu Ranch ATVs (the family that owns it is the family the movie The Decendents is based on and where they've filmed a lot of movies, which they'll show you on the trail).  It's a blast when it's super muddy after a good rain!

    For restaurants, you have to go to Hukilau Lanai, which is between Lihue and Princeville I think (the island is pretty small, so driving from Poipu to Princeville isn't that bad) and have their lobster bisque soup.  I'd seriously go back to Kauai for that alone. 
  • We stayed in Waimea and I wouldn't recommend it. It is VERY quiet and secluded, which can be a draw, but it was frustrating trying to find dinner, we had to drive 45 minutes to an hour each night if we didn't want to dine at the same two places. The good beaches for swimming are also a 45 minute+ drive away. Also the roosters are unbearable on the west side, they are all over the island but they especially seem to be bad on the West Side. We couldn't sleep past 5:30am or take a nap because of those crowing bastards.

    The South Shore was very nice, I wish we had stayed there. The island is much more accessible from the South Shore, more dining options, better beaches, etc. 

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