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Suggestions on places to go in Hawaii?

I have never been to Hawaii and woul love to plan a 2 week trip for my honeymoon during one summer.   I don't know where to start looking to stay and visit.
  Do y'all have any recommendations/suggestions?

Re: Suggestions on places to go in Hawaii?

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    Start with researching the different islands to decide which one(s) you want to visit.  Then you can start researching the part of the island you want to stay on, then hotels, then activities and dining, etc.  At least this is how we did it.

    Trip Advisor is a very helpful website for planning vacations.  We use it alot. 
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    A good resource for learning about the islands and how they differ is gohawaii.com. You may also want to establish a budget up front, keeping that in mind when doing research. For example, Lanai tends to be a little less budget friendly than some of the other islands because there are only two larger resorts and both are a part of the Four Seasons chain. Oahu tends to be the most budget friendly. Each island is really unique so figuring out what kind of HM you want will go a long way when you are doing your research.


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    Yep, I agree with picking the island(s) you want first. The Hawaii tourism website was very helpful for us, as was Trip Advisor. Try posting on the message boards there for the different islands and there are often times locals who post and answer questions. I would figure out budget and the length of your stay, then figure out what type of vacation you want (secluded, all relaxation, adventure, etc).

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    Ditto PPs.  First step is selecting the island(s) you want to go to, then use tripadvisor.com for selecting hotels and activities, and then the Hawaii Revealed books for getting around the island.

    If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask as many of us have been to one or more of the islands.
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    I bought a book on Hawaii, that listed all the islands, then I went through and highlighted all that sounded good to me. Then I choose they island based on what I had highlighted the most (Maui!)
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    We just returned from our honeymoon on Oahu.  We stayed on Waikiki beach, which is very crowded and commercialized for our taste.  We had a rental car, so we were able to spend a lot of time on the quieter beaches of the North Shore and explore the island during the day.  I agree with PP's... set a budget first, and decide which island you like best.  Make sure you factor meals and parking into your budget.  We spent close to $80 a day for food and our hotel charged $27 a day for parking.  Oh and tips (valet, tour guides, housekeeping, etc.)!!  Those are things we knew would cost us, but didn't really realize how much in the long run.

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