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Adventures in Belize?

After much research, my FI and I decided to honeymoon in Belize and spend a portion of our time at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge. We initially contacted Caves Branch via email and were kind of surprised when Adventures in Belize, the travel agency founded by the owners of Caves Branch, responded.

Does anyone have any experience booking through Adventures in Belize? Everything seems legitimate, I just wanted to make sure there weren't any nightmare stories out there that I'd missed!

Thanks in advance.

Re: Adventures in Belize?

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    We went to Belize in June 2010 for a vacation. We booked our flights  online, then after much research, we contacted the resorts (we decided to stay at two different ones) directly. Both resorts gave us special deals and packages with tours included. We didnt book through Adventures in Belize, but if he is the owner of a resort, you'll probably be fine. Have you checked on tripadvisor? You will love Belize! People are friendly and the 2:1 exchange rate is great! You still get your dollar's worth :)
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    I only found a couple of reviews on Trip Advisor that mentioned booking this way, but not too many. Both of the places we're staying have good reviews, so I'm pretty confident about that aspect.

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    I went to Belize in 2008 and we booked everything through http://belize-trips.com/. It's run by an American ex-pat, she doesn't charge any fees-I highly recommend her if you have doubts, She can probably tell you if it's legit or not.
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    Sidenote: If you go to Belize, you MUST go cavetubing. It is amazing. I would recommend cavetubing.bz. There are tons of companies that do this, but I think that they are the best value. They take their time through the caves. Literally all of the other companies are zipping past, and they just go nice and slow. It's super  relaxing!
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