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Don't hear much about Turks & Caicos? Is there a reason?

Hi y'all!

I think my FI and I have narrowed down that we will be most likely be going on our honeymoon to Turks and Caicos.  There is an All-Inclusive that one of our good friends stayed in that opened up this past February and she said it was absolutely fabulous!  It is called the Veranda.  I just thought I would post something on here about it because I have been looking at a lot of posts throughout the past couple of months on here trying to find the best places to stay in the Caribbean for our Honeymoond (we are getting married in March 2011! yay!) and I hear a lot about all other places in the Caribbean besides Turks and Caicos, and I was just making sure I wasn't missing something major with that place.  The woman who just stayed there says that it isn't as commercialized as a lot of the other islands in the Caribbean yet, but the beaches are breathtaking, there is lots of snorkeling and adventure/excursions where you can see a lot of the reefs around there.  We are just looking to relax and be with each other, so it seems perfect for us.

If you have any reviews of places in T&C or know anything about the Veranda, feel free to send helpful tips/suggestions my way!

TIA! :)

Re: Don't hear much about Turks & Caicos? Is there a reason?

  • My FI and I were considering Turks & Caicos too. When speaking with a travel agent, she advised there isn't much to do there other than the beach and some snorkeling. If you want something secluded and completely relaxing I'm sure it is amazing. We are looking for a little more activity so we're looking elsewhere in the Caribbean.
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  • There isn't a ton to do, but it is a gorgeous island!  You can snorkel, do boating trips, go to Margaritaville, or go deep sea fishing.  My mom and I did a snorkeling trip that was fabulous there and my dad and brother did deep sea fishing and had an amazing time.  There's also shopping and casinos if you are into that.  I've only ever been to Grand Turk, but I thought it was lovely.
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  • we are going to T& C in October for our HM. I have read that a lot of people don't go to T & C b/c of the lack of all inclusive options - the Veranda is pretty new and before then the only options was Beaches which is pretty family focused.  I have also read some ppl dont choose it b/c it tends to be more expensive than other islands. 

    We have a lot planned to do during our trip between beach bbqs, snorkling and scuba trips, and golf and spa - we dont want TOO much to do!
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  • It's beautiful, but there doesn't seem like much to do. I've heard that the restaurants are pricey too.

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