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Honeymoon in Morocco?

I am getting married in April of 2013, and we are considering Morocco for the honeymoon. Some questions below...




1) In general, do you consider this a good place for a honeymoon? Any serious disadvantages that we should think about before booking?




2) We'd like to start the honeymoon with 2-3 days of beach/luxury relaxation. Is there a good location for this in Morocco? If not, is there another recommended location nearby? Something in the south of Spain/Portugal, or perhaps the Canaries?




3) I realize this is a very broad question, but how many days does one "need" in Morocco to see the highlights?




4) Are there any safety issues to be aware of? A coworker went to Tangier for a couple of days and said he didn't feel particularly safe, and I've ever been to North Africa outside of a guided tour in Egypt (which was perfectly safe, but also pre-Arab Spring).

Re: Honeymoon in Morocco?

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    As long as you go into it knowing that you will have to respect local customs (i.e. no public displays of affection), dressing modestly compared to how you would dress in the USA (no tank tops or short skirts), and that you might get some stares at the beach (depending on where you go), I say go for it.  It will be an advenure of a lifetime.  Just do your research. I would suggest getting the Frommer's guide.
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