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Hi All,
We're getting married in June and have decided to postpone our honeymoon until January, when it's the better time to go to Thailand. We're looking for a perfect mix of relaxation and adventure and are willing to go anywhere in the country. We have 10 days to do whatever we want. Does anyone have a top 10 list of things to do/see in Thailand? We just don't knoe where to start! Thanks!

Re: Thailand Adventure

  • Great choice for a honeymoon! I'm hopefully going in a couple months (for work) but haven't done much touristy research yet. I do know there are 11 species of monkey there!
  • We went to Thailand last December - I agree that it's an ideal time to visit.  We had amazing weather. 

    We split our stay between Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Krabi, and we absolutely loved all three places.  Here were some things we did -

    1.  Tours with Tong organized two full days of tours for us in Bangkok.  The first day, we saw the city via public transportation.  We hit all the major sites with our guide.  The next day, she took us to the railway market, the floating market, and a fishing village.  Both days were excellently organized, our guide was phenomenal, and having a private tour was a major plus. 

    2. We did a day of cooking classes in Chiang Mai through A Lot of Thai.  Great day - lots of food, a tour of a local market, met some great people. 

    3.  We hired a driver for a day to take us around Chiang Mai.  We went to Doi Suthep, some of the local wats, and visited Tiger Kingdom.  Interacting with the tigers was nice, but it wasn't a must-do for us. 

    4.  Patara Elephant Farm's "Elephant Owner for a Day" program was amazing.  Pricey, but we were able to interact with our elephants all day long - feeding them, bathing them, learning how they are cared for at Patara, riding them down to the river and swimming in the river with the babies.  This was definitely a highlight of our trip. 

    5.  The night markets in Chiang Mai are amazing.  We went just about every night for dinner - noodles and beers for two for around $1.50.  We shopped, I got foot massages, tons of performers and food and amazing atmosphere. 

    6.  In Krabi, we stayed at the Tubkaak, which easily falls into one of the top places we have ever been/stayed.  The beach there is gorgeous, as is the hotel itself.  I can highly highly recommend it.  Also, there was a little "business" run by three Thai women right next to the Tubkaak - massages on the beach.  I had hour-long Thai massages for $12 almost every day. AMAZING. 

    7.  We did a day trip of island hopping.  We hit up all the hotspots - Maya Bay, the Phi Phi Islands.  Truth be told, I thought all of that was a bit overrated.  Super crowded.  Tubkaek Beach was perfection - I'm glad we did the day trip, but if we ever go back, I don't think we will want to leave. 

    Happy to help if you need anything else!  We've traveled quite a bit since we've been together and Thailand tops our list of favorite places we've been.  It was incredible.  
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