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Louisiana Honeymoon?

We cannot decide where to go on our honeymoon! ahh!  and my fiance is a terrible traveler so it has cut out any super far flights.  We both have wanted to go to New Orleans/Baton Rouge so we thought it would be something fun and still semi-close.  We live in North Carolina and atleast want to get out of the state. 

We want to do something with adventure (zip lines, hiking/biking trails) and history.  We live at the beach so we feel like something completely different would be more fun.  I want to see some of the older plantations and the other historical aspects.

Has anyone else honeymooned in Louisiana?  Where did you stay?  What did you do?

Any other recommendations from anyone?  Any information would be greatly appreciated as we are starting from nothing. 

The wedding is in June 2013 - so that is when we plan to honeymoon


Re: Louisiana Honeymoon?

  • We went to New Orleans last year and it was a great experience. When we went though it was extremely hot and I couldn't imagine how hot it would get a month later into the summer.
    There is a ton of things to do in New Orleans but I wouldn't really consider it if you are looking for an adventure type honeymoon. They might have Zip Lining and things like that but they are probably really expensive and very far away. We went for more of the history aspect of it and went on some tours of local areas and explored the cemetaries and things like that. It was a great experience and overall we had a great time though.

    We stayed at the Hampton Inn on St. Charles Avenue (Main street, streetcar access which the stop is right out in front.)

    What is your budget for your trip? You might get more for your money going down to Mexico and it looks like that would be right up your alley. It isn't very far to get to either. Probably an extra 30 minutes to 60 on an airplane.


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    The only ziplining place I know of is in Denham springs and is outside of Baton Rouge.  I haven't been there so I don't know how nice it is.  If you are into road biking you could go over to the northshore and ride the Tammany trace and hit the Abita brewery while you are there.  There is also a river good for tubing in that area since it will be VERY hot.  Obviously to do these things you would have to rent a car.  Those things may be a nice change of pace from New Orleans proper.
    Just some thoughts...
  • FI and I didn't honeymoon there, and we only spent a day, but I have to mention one thing we loved.

    Besides just walking around the french quarter and stuff, we did a swamp tour through "Cajun Encounters."  It sounds weird, but it was a lot of fun!  We rode around for about 2 hours in the swamps of Lousiana and got to see alligators and other unique plants/wildlife.  We had a very amusing and knowledgable tourguide, and he let us hold a little baby gator (if you wanted).

    It was super cheap too.  Like $20 a person or something. 

    It sounds silly, but that's just one fun thing to do there.  I'm sure there's PLENTY more, but I had to mention that!

    Have fun!

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