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April 2012 Weddings


I posted an issue on the Party board and literally EVERY bride there said that my wedding was too far away for people to care about it. WTH? Just because our weddings aren't for awhile should we not expect for our families and friends to be just as thrilled for us? Maybe I'm being WAY too sensitive....okay vent done I'm over it LOL!
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  • Hey, I am right there with you.
    Just because we are looking at April 2012 doesn't mean we can't start planning and being excited.
  • I bounce between thinking it's too far away, and wanting to plan NOW. My mom and sisters are coming to visit in a couple weeks, and they want to take me dress shopping. I'm like, uh... year and a half away? But then, I turn around and email my cousin asking if they want invites (family drama, long story). She asks why I'm asking now when it's so far away.
  • At this point I'm getting the MAJOR elements out of the way. My true goal is to have the majority of things planned before the one year mark (take advantage of sales, discounts and getting exactly what I want) that way we can relax!
    I've booked the venue and I want to get the wedding planner and photographer in place. December-January I'll book the caterer and videographer. I'm trying to beat out all of the brides at the expos booking everyone lol! I guess we should all stay in our own planning bubbles and come on The Knot for support!
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  • I hate when people say "Oh wow that's not for awhile!" Every person who is married says "It seems far but it will go SOOO fast!" I believe it! I also had single friends who did not seem excited at all. Only people who have a ring can really understand your excitement!!
     Enjoy your planning and don't worry about what people say! It is never too early to start planning and shopping around for the best vendors for the best price! Your wedding will be beautiful and will be here before you know it! So enjoy every minute of the planning process!
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  • I totally agree with PP Meechie89. I am SOOOOOOO relieved that I am fortunate enough to have so much time to plan my wedding. I know I will get everything I want for a good price and with NONE of the crazy stress. Dont worry yourself with those who arent excited. Be happy and dont wait to plan and do things get going and then you can truly relax and enjoy your wedding day while others who waited stress out. Ive got mixed feelings as well and when its excitement it makes my day but when you get the OH thats far away I just smile and say yes it is but I get to plan slowly and have the day ive always dreamed of!
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  • I agree ladies! I'm looking forward to having the major stuff done and being able to ENJOY being a BRIDE! Booked the venue and wedding planner this week! Next week is the photographer! I'm getting great deals and who cares what other people think!
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  • Hey guys!  I hear you!! My Fiance and I got engaged last December and have been engaged for about a year. We are planning april of 2012 wedding.  It's so hard NOT to be excited and it everyone always says "oh you've got SUCH a long time".  I have been hearing it for about a year and finally when I tell people we have a year and four months, I expect them to react differently but they still say OH you are have SUCH a long time still.  I kinda wish sometimes that I wasn't engaged for so long because I have so much planned already - the place, the dress, the photographer and I just want to get married already.  I made a pact with myself that I wouldn't check the date countdown (as it is depressing because it is still in the 500s lol) but I just can't help myself.  We are for sure allowed to be excited!! I'm just so tired of comments from people!!! They always say Why didn't you just WAIT to get engaged?  Ahhhh. Anyway! I hear you!
  • I get the whole "why are you waiting so long". Umm...don't people get that weddings are not cheap? Just because I was able to afford purchasing a home last year doesn't mean I can afford a wedding! Not to mention, my wedding will be in Hawaii. Although we still have a year and a half to go, the wedding is all I can think about or for that matter talk about. I think the majority of my friends and family are tired of hearing about the wedding, especially with it being so far away still. I just cannot help it though! I'm excited and I want people to be excited with me. I have done most of the planning already and I feel like I've been doing it all on my own, without any help because everyone thinks it to early to plan. Look at me...now I'm venting. hahahaha
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    Well lets all just be happy that we all have each other. Let me start by saying CONGRATS to everyone on this board as im truly happy and excited for all of you. With that said I know its hard when others dont give you the excitement you expect so lets just make sure that through these next few months before we get to that year out mark that we are all here for support to those who arent being given the happiness we all want and deserve. I hope that we can all lend each other support and cant wait to see this board get very active with planning details and questions!
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  • I am sorta in this boat. I got engaged January 2008. We were planning an August 2010 wedding. I went for over a year having to explain why we were having such a long engagement and now we have to push it back until April 2012(sucky family reasons). In the mean time I have been to 2 weddings of people that did not MEET until after we were engaged and are already married. Plus, anyone else feel like with waiting so long everyone else is stealing your ideas? Just a little bitter over here!

  • I just think of it as  more time to save up and plan a PERFECT wedding!  Many people rush into having their own wedding; I'm the kind of person that needs time to plan things out and make it everything that my FI and I want for our day :)  Plus, we're planning from 4 hours away.. we originally wanted an Oct. 2011 wedding (engaged in Aug. 2011), but the thought of it being just a year away was making me really nervous and stressed.. this extra time is so worth it.  We're simply taking our time with the planning, making sure everything will be awesome, and just enjoying our engagement!! 
  • In Response to Re: VENT:
    [QUOTE] Plus, anyone else feel like with waiting so long everyone else is stealing your ideas? Just a little bitter over here!
    Posted by JP621286[/QUOTE]

    YES!!!!!! I'm done sharing with people! I feel like my ideas will be so "over done" by the time our wedding gets here!
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  • I am so glad other people feel the same way as me! I am so excited for it to get here but definately love that I have time to plan it the way I want to plan it. I have all the major stuff done (Church, Reception Venue, Photographer, Limo, DJ...) and think I may start working on some things that I can do this far out. I got a lot of grief from friends/family and even some companies with planning so far out, but think about it....its cheaper now and if its available why not take it? Also, with it being in April its prom season (at least here in Cincy) so I wanted to make sure I got my limo and DJ I want before high schools start booking for proms. Its also really nice to be able to spread out payments a little more than one right after the other Sealed
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    When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. ~Nora Ephron, When Harry Met Sally
  • I agree so many people say that its too early. But why not take advantage of all of this time? Without the pressure of "I have to do this now!" we can make relaxed decisions, without being pressured by time. It also gives time to save enough money to not be in debt after the wedding. My FMIL is always telling me that I am being stupid for agonizing over things already, but it meant I was able to book the venue and photographer for 2010 prices!
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  • We have gotten mixed reviews on waiting until April of 2012, but most of our friends have been appreciative since we are getting married in Maui and it gives them time to save.

    I will also have most of the majors booked before the 1 year mark.  We are signing ceremony and accomodation contracts this week.

    We really didn't want to owe anything when our wedding and honeymoon is finished and also wanted to pick a time of year when Hawaii is less busy but still has great weather.  This way we can start putting money towards our future right away.
  • YAY!!  I have company. 

    I have literally cried to my fiance on how frustrating it is to not be able to share how excited I am with anyone. I really try to keep everything to myself about the wedding, and have not asked for anyone's help. My friends only want to talk about the bachelorette, which is at least something.  My mom (which I do have a great relationship with) kind of ignores me when I talk about the wedding and she gets stressed out as well. And I think the most hurtful comment was a week into my engagement (still freshly excited) my sister (who is my maid of honor) told me, "OMG, I am so over this wedding stuff between you and (a friend of her's who is not even in a relationship) I think I am going to hide until your wedding" 

    Now I may be overreacting and sensitive, but since I work full time and go to school full time I barely have time to even talk about wedding stuff.

    WOW I feel so much better!

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