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Jamaica vs. Mexico???

Hello ladies! On this cloudy Monday, I am thinking Honeymoon and am looking for a few opinions... FI and I are def doing tropical AI for our HM in July... First we thought Couples Swept Away - Jamacia... but now are hearing great things about Mexico (namely, Secrets Maroma - Riviera Maya) and it seems like Mexico AIs are cheaper in most cases...Anyone wanna weigh in for one or the other? Have any experiences with either - pos or neg???TIA! =)
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Re: Jamaica vs. Mexico???

  • Have been to Jamaice 1x and Mexico 3x. We liked our trip to Jamaica but LOVED our trips to Mexcio and plan on going again this year. Seemed like there was more to do in Mexico and the service was outstanding.
  • We went to Couples Swept Away on July and LOVED it. Our HM was perfect and we'd definitely go back in a heartbeat! There was absolutely nothing we could complain about while we were there and everything was great. The food was wonderful, staff was friendly, and environment was so peaceful. There was a lot to do if you want lots to do, but if you don't want to do much, you don't have to!
  • I've also been to both, and although Jamaica is amazing, I would say go with Mexico. For one, you're definitely right, it's cheaper to go there, plus it's soooo beautiful and there's so much to do! You won't be disappointed! HTH! :0)
  • been to  both a # of times and I'd go with Mexico definitely!
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  • Thanks for the feedback - I have to say I am somewhat surprised... For those that said Mexico - what resorts?
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  • I have been to both and think both are amazing but I think you have more options when considering Mexico. (esp cancun and riviera maya) I aslo think you can find some more luxurious places in Mexico for less than in Jamaica... But you can't go wrong with either...
  • I prefer to go to a foreign country to really enjoy the culture, not just the hotel and beach.  And for me that means going to Jamaica.  Culturely speaking I like it soooo much more my thing.  The music, the food, the language, the people, the vibe, etc.  It trumps Mexico in every way for me.If that's your thing I think you will LOVE Jamaica.  It's also beautiful there which is a nice bonus.  Mexico is OK, but not really my thing.  But then again I can see Mexico from my bedroom and all of my neighbors and roommates are Mexicans.  I'm constantly surrounded by it so it doesn't really interest me anymore.  My opinions may be different if that weren't the case.
  • we had the same debate and ultimately wound up with Mexico, just because we could get more bang for our buck. Plus, if we go to Jamaica I would want to go exploring and we did not want the honeymoon to be for exploring.
  • We chose Mexico over Jamaica for several reasons: better (and more direct) flights, more bang for your buck with the hotel room amenities, and no need to drive 1-2 hours through the mountains to get to the resort from the airport.  We stayed at the Valentin Imperial Maya and absolutely loved this resort.  I have some info and pics in my married bio.  HTH
  • I noticed that you are hinting at Secrets Maroma Beach, I have to say that is one of my all-time favorite resorts. I went in April and I had the best time. The beach is amazing there, but aside from that, there is more to love. The service is great - unlike any other vacation I've taken. The pool and beachside service is so attentive - you never have to leave your lounge chair to get a drink or even a meal. The Spa by Pevonia is top notch, very relaxing. Also, there are lots of activities including sailing, windsurfing, water aerobics, kayaks and snorkeling. Lastly the food is great (seven restaurants and 24-hour room service). I hope you enjoy your honeymoon!
  • jess- If you don't mind me asking, how much was your trip to Secrets Maroma? And how long did you stay? We have been looking elsewhere because it seemd to be higher than some of the others we were looking at (both in Mexico and Jamaica)...
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