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Cabo or Riviera Maya?

Have any of you guys been to these locations?  We are back and forth between the two.  We have found plenty of all inclusive packages including airfare for under our $3000 budget.  I guess I'm curious which has a "quaint" feeling and which is more friendly.  We will be traveling in July 2010 if weather has anything to do with it.  TIA!

Re: Cabo or Riviera Maya?

  • Cabo = American outpost south of California. Plus, it's hot as hades there in July. Riviera Maya would be a better choice if you're looking for history, culture, and the beach.
  • you can not swim in the ocean in cabo, but has a better night life.
    Spring Break 2013
  • We just honeymooned in Cabo from the 23-29. We had an amazing time...and yes it was extremely hot. Everyday was 100+. We stayed on the pacific side and were unable to swim in the ocean. There is a beach on the sea of cortez side you can swim in..Medano Beach. There are several resorts located along that area. However, I would suggest Riviera Maya. The beaches and ocean are gorgeous!! I love the beach and being unable to even step foot in the ocean in Cabo was disappointing. We went to a beach where they said you could swim...but it was extremely rough and overall was not enjoyable. So, if the beach is your thing...no doubt Riviera Maya.Cabo also really has no culture to explore..the only thing is the Arch. Hope that helps.
  • Thanks everyone for your input!  I am leaning towards the Mayan Riviera at this point!  Has anyone had good experiences with AI resorts in the Riviera that they would like to share?  I have found a few that I've narrowed it down to, but just curious if any stood out to you!
  • I loved royal hideaway but that was about 4 years ago i dont know how it is anymore, but it was amazing! secrets is really nice as well...adventura is great...there are a lot of them.
    Spring Break 2013
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