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Hi Knotties! My Fi and I have decided to go somewhere cool for out HM...thinking of Montana....Any recommendations? love ya xoxox thx!
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    I have family in MT so we usually visit at least once a year.  The Beartooth mountains are beautiful and Yellowstone is always really cool. However, I'd be wary of going there in late November.  Not sure what all you're interested in doing/seeing, but a few of the park entrances may be closed, and I know a lot of the scenic mountain drives are closed then due to weather.  I'd rule out anywhere with significant elevation, unless you're super comfortable driving in the snow and can rent a 4 wheel drive vehicle.  But if you're more interested in just staying at a nice cabin and doing some skiing (not much traveling), Red Lodge, MT is really neat, and I'm sure there are other places like it.
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    What kinds of things do you like to do?  Do you have ANY idea where in MT you might like to go?  It's a big state and lots of options...I would say Big Sky is good for skiing, but it's a big resort town and fairly pricey.  But there are great chalets in the area with tons of amenities and good places in the lodges on the mountain to eat.  It's also pretty close to Yellowstone, so you can take chartered trips from Big Sky into Yellowstone - in November probably for snowcat or snowmobile tours.Missoula is a cool city.  The University of MT is there, and the downtown area is really cool with lots of little shops and bars, etc.  From Missoula you can head south on 93 down toward Hamilton and Darby - both small, cute little towns with lots of hiking, fishing, kayaking around.  If you go further south on 93 you cross into a beautifully remote part of Idaho that follows the Lewis & Clark Trail and the Salmon River through the Bitterroot Mountains.

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    I'm from Montana. What do you want to know? My friend went to Yellowstone Park for her HM and had a blast, snowmobiling, and skiing. They stayed in a HM suite there. Glacier is beautiful and you could hit Canada a little if you wanted.Big Sky/Bozeman is a great skiing area. Bozeman has a cute downtown area. A major college is there.Missoula is good, but also a "Hippietown". If you're into artsy/organic things you would like it.Red Lodge is a little city close to Billings, very cute and reasonably priced skiing. A small resort town.If you want to be more specific I can help you! MT is the 5th largest state area wise! Page me here or on the Nest June 09ers and I can help!
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    I'm a montana native (and I still live here and love it so much). If you are going in the summer months The ultimate montana honeymoon is spending a week in Glacier National Park. The have these two mountain chalet that are only accessible by hiking in http://www.sperrychalet.com/ is one of them.  You can go horseback riding, boating, hiking, and everything in between. You can even make it into canada and stand on the glaciers!If you are honeymooning in the winter my next favorite place is Sun Valley and Ketchum Idaho. Its actually beautiful in the summer as well. But it has beautiful skiing snowmobiling. It's like a smaller, hometown aspen. Send me a message if you need anything else!
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    I used to live there (my company assigned me in a small town for 2 yrs). 
    I LOVED Glacier National park. It is beautiful, adventurous 
    & romanic if you get a good cabin and/or resort type place.

    The town of Kallispell (sp) was great for skiing. 

    Best wishes. :-)  
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