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Has anyone been to Couples Resorts Jamaica?

We are trying to decide on which one of the Couples Resorts we should stay?  Considering Tower Isle.  It was rennovated in 09, so I'm thinking that it's the most updated.  Any suggestions?  Or suggestions for an all inclusive resort closer to the Montego Bay airport?

Thank you!

Re: Has anyone been to Couples Resorts Jamaica?

  • I've been to Tower Isle and Sans Souci. EAch resort hs a different vibe. Tower Isle was renovated recently, but it has a very retro vibe, so it's not necessarily new looking. Sans Souci has a very European vibe (in appearance, anyway, with stone structures) and is the smallest of the four. Swept Away is the most luxurious and along with Negril has the nicest beaches. Negril is a bit more laid back and is not as large as Swept Away, but not as small as Sans Souci. Swept Away is known for being the most romantic and focused on being healthy, while Negril is a little more focused on relaxing and indulging in food! This is just my opinon- others may see it differentl based on their own experiences


  • Thank you!  That's a huge help :-)   I read a review about Swept Away that it's rustic (i.e., outdated and bathrooms need updating)  Since Tower Isle was renovated, would you say the furniture and bathrooms, etc are in better condition than the others?
  • The rooms at Tower Isle are very sparsely decorated and IMO, the furniture did not look brand new but did not look really old either. It's very minimalist. It's been awhile since I was at Sans Souci (was at Tower Isle in 2011) but one thing I liked about Sans Souci is that the entrances to the rooms were not in an interior hallway. At TI, the rooms are all accessd from inside the building and when people are in thehalls or slam doors, it's loud.  I have not been to Swept Away, but know many people who have been (some of which are picky travelers) and noone had an complaints. My personal feeling is that I'd rather have the nicer beach in Negril than worry about an outdated room (again, cannot imagine it's rustic based on feeback I've gotten from friends. I planned my trips last minute and if there was availability, I would have chosen Swept Away as top choice.) I


  • My FI and I are going to swept away for our HM. We chose Swept Away based on the beaches, views, and the millions of reviews I read. I do have to say all 4 resorts sound nice in their own way.
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