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budget beach honeymoon in July

Hello, We are getting married on 7/13/13 and are looking to go somewhere tropical on our honeymoon. We would like to try and do all-inclusive and have about $2-3,000 to spend. Any ideas???

Re: budget beach honeymoon in July

  • Look at Mexico or Jamaica.  Those seem to be where we always get our best bang for our buck.  There isn't tons to do off the resorts there, but the resorts are really amazing with beautiful beaches.  We have a great travel agent that has always helped us find a great resort for our budget, send me a PM if you'd like her info.  Good luck!
  • Look at the RIU in Costa Rica as well.  My younger sis just went there for 6 nights for about $3,000.  Good luck!

  • interest? likes? dislikes? what do you want to do-adventure, enjoy the beach, ecotrip, history? want to avoid anywhere in particular? where have you been before?


  • Besides the US, we have only been on a cruise to the Bahamas.We are not extremely adventurous but would like to be active throughout the trip. Because we have not traveled much at all, we are unsure what we want to do exactly so any suggestions are welcome!

  • H and I went to Isla Mujeres, Mexico for 7 days in July this year, and with everything altogether, we spent $3100. That includes flights, the AI resort, taxis, souveniers, excursions, etc.
    It's not a Mexico party scene at all. It's a pretty small island, and it was absolutely perfect for a honeymoon.
  • I will look into Isla Mujeres, thank you so mch!
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