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April 2012 Weddings

FIANCE is a registry stalker!

I finally peeked at my registry yesterday yesterday to see which items had been purchased.  I held out longer than I thought I would!

When I 'fessed up to fiance, he admitted that he had already looked and he knew what the first item was, that was purchased last week.  I joked that he probably peeked that day right after I called to tell him someone bought us something.  He just laughed, so I consider him guilty as charged.

Just had to share since I thought it was so funny that he looked before I did, haha.
Whoever said it was supposed to be happily ever after is a big fat liar.

Re: FIANCE is a registry stalker!

  • That's hilarious!! Now I have to see how I can interrogate my FI to see if he stalks it too. Our shower won't be for a while & we don't celebrate Christmas, so I know nothing will be bought off of it for a while. I still check it, just in case ;)
  • Chicken, we're doing the same thing, saving any gift cards until after the wedding to purchase the items we especially want that we don't end up receiving as gifts.  Smart move :-)
    Whoever said it was supposed to be happily ever after is a big fat liar.
  • Nice! I am a total registry stalker. My FI doesn't know the password or really care that much. He thinks I'm silly for feeling bad about looking, since we asked for these things and we'll find out anyway. I guess I'm trying to be surprised, but it's hard! Plus I go on to check that items are still available and add new items as we think of them, so then it's too hard not to check! No one has bought us anything yet though. 
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  • That is soo funny!  I had to look this past weekend when i fried the stand mixer making cookies - it was not my day.  Sooo i had to add another one to the registry.  We're still pretty far out and not having any showers (that i'm aware of) so i wasn't expecting anything to be purchased yet.  We did get a xmas gift from FI grandparents...to Target (one of the places we registered).  FI and I are in agreement - we're going to save all xmas gc's (to BB&B and Target) and use them after the wedding to get the stuff on our registry we didn't get! 

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