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HI Ladies,

My fiance and I are thinking of going to Kauai for our honeymoon. I have been to maui and absolutley loved it so I'm scared I might be disapointed if kaui isn't as good. Has anyone been to Kauai? What is it like? And if you've been to both which one was better?

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    reading your post makes me laugh because my fiance and I are in the same predicament only opposite... we have been to Kauai and are afraid to go anywhere else in Hawaii because we LOVED Kauai and don't want to be disappointed if we go anywhere else. Someone a few days ago posted a Q about Kauai and this was my response….

    “We went on a family vacation to Kauai last Christmas and loved it. I haven't been to any of the other islands, but I have heard that compared to the others Kauai is much less touristy. I don't know what the cost of eating out is there because we made a lot of our own meals in the condo we stayed at (we went shopping at Costco when we first got there, but that isn't really something you want to do on a HM). I will say we saved a lot of money by doing "free" activities. There is a beach/snorkeling area called Tunnels that we spent two days at because the snorkeling was sooooo amazing. We also did several hikes, and saw some sights like the Waimea Canyon and the Spouting Horn. The island is small enough that a week trip is plenty of time to explore all ends of the island. Our favorite activity was a catamaran tour of the Na Pali coastline, it is beautiful. There are all kinds of ways to see the Na Pali coastline ie helicopter, big boat, little boat, hiking out to it, and others, but I would definitely suggest seeing it, we liked the boat trip because we were also able to do some whale watching as well as snorkeling so it was like three activities in one. We had a really good trip so much so that we are kind of afraid to plan our HM there because we don't want to compare the trips and feel disappointed. Kauai was really our style because we are pretty laid back and adventurous. Hope this helps. Good Luck!”

    Anyway I guess it just depends on your style Kauai doesn’t have a bunch of high rises or high end shopping, but it is beautiful.

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    They're different. I think if you go in with the understanding that they're different, you're not going to be disapointed.

    Besides, it's Hawai'i! You really can't go wrong!
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    We went to both Kauai and Maui on our HM in May and it was amazing. I liked Kauai better, but that is because I loved the hiking we did on Kauai better. It depends what you like to do.  The Kauai Revealed book is a great resource.  We did a lot of the activities that PP suggests - Waimea Canyon, Na Pali Coast, Tunnels beach, etc.

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    Thanks for posting this - my FI and I are leaning towards Maui and Kauai for our honeymoon in October!  Both of us are really excited about Kauai because of the hiking possibilities there.  I was able to find some handy guides to both islands on the tourism site:  http://www.gohawaii.com/

    I am hoping to pick up a few travel books soon!

    Good luck with your planning!
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