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Cheapest Disney tickets?

Does anyone know when and where to buy the cheapest tickets for Orlando attractions?
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Re: Cheapest Disney tickets?

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    We went last year and looked for a few months for cheap tickets and had no real luck. They are kind of specific about when and what kind of tickets they discount. Like it might be only valid on a Wednesday or it might only be a one park one day ticket or a 7 day ticket. It is kind of weird.

    That website has a lot of great advice on how to save on your trip to Disney. They have information on discount tickets too.


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    for disney i think there are 'less expensive' ones but none that are cheap. disney tickets are pricey but, imo, worth it especially the park-hopper ones.


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    Honestly there are no real deals on park tickets.
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    Mousesavers.com sends out an email newletter every month with a special link to UndercoverTourist, which has Disney tickets at a slight discount. But you have to be on their email list (free).

    Mousesavers also has a list of all the discounts for other places like Seaworld or Universal.

    Seaworld's tickets are cheaper online. Seaworld used to let you in for free a second day if you bought a one day pass (anytime in the next 7 days), but I'm not sure if they're currently running that.

    Be careful of the people selling tickets in Orlando itself. Some of them will sell expired tickets, or tickets that have already been used. Or like PP said, they'll have specific days you have to go or ways you have to use them. 
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    you can get them slightly discounted through www.wdwinfo.com.

    Also try AAA.
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    I've never used them, but I've also heard good things about UndercoverTourist ((clicky)). Signing up for Mousesavers.com ((clicky)) newsletter will save you a few dollars off the price listed on the website. Newsletter comes out the 15th of every month. Oh and shipping for the tickets is free.
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