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Secluded Honeymoon Spots?

I think the FH and I would like to go somewhere sort of secluded - maybe not go the whole Sandals route where there are lots of folks around all the time.  I do definitely want a beach/some kind of body of water though!  Also, our wedding is in the beginning of September next year, so it's have to be somewhere down South or somewhere tropical.  

I'm open to Carribbean, or somewhere on the East Coast (the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, etc.).  Does anyone know of any place where we could go like that?  I'm thinking beach cottages.  Ideas?
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Re: Secluded Honeymoon Spots?

  • That's what we wanted, I just booked our HM to Fiji! We also looked at Belize (Almond Beach Belize) and smaller AI's like El Dorado Maroma (Puerto Morelos, MX) and Sunset at the Palms (Negril, JM). I'm not sure what your budget is and depending on it it can open up other resorts. HTH!
  • Ditto pp, that's why we honeymooned in Fiji. We were looking for a romantic, quiet, secluded resort. We loved that our resort only accomodated up to 36 people at a time and everyone stayed in their own bure (villa) instead of a big hotel. Absolutely beautiful and an amazing experience.

  • Just make sure if you DO decide to book in the Caribbean during that time (early September) you need to see if the resort offers anything in regards to if a Hurricane should come that way then.  I am so sorry because I hate to rain on anyone's parade, but I am a Meteorologist and I just wanted you to be aware that early September, actually September 10 is the official peak of Hurricane season and places in the Caribbean are certainly not exempt from seeing tropical weather in September!  Of course, it's a slim chance that the week you decide to honeymoon there will be a hurricane, but it is always nice to see what the resort offers as far as reimbursement SHOULD that be an issue at all!

    Also - like PP stated, if it is within your budget - I would suggest Figi too!  If it was within ours, we would TOTALLY be going - I am in love with all the resorts I have seen over there and like the luxury and seclusion!  Looks like we will be booking Turks and Caicos in March for ours which is exciting!  HTH!
  • Check out Galley Bay in Antigua - its a smaller, adults only, all-inclusive.  Great sale going on right now - easy to get to from the east coast.  Check out the reviews on Trip Advisor - they're insanely good!  :)
  • We just returned from 2 weeks in french polynesia (Tihiti / Moorea and Bora Bora) and this is as secluded as it gets.  It was the most beautiful place I have ever been, completely unspoiled (tahiti itself is a bit busier but Moorea and Bora BOra are awesome).  There are even more secluded islands within French Polynesia aside from Bora Bora.  Check out tripadvisor.
    That being said, it's crazy expensive and takes 24 hours to get there.

    In the carribean, I would suggest Anguilla ( one of the more unspoiled islands in the area); also check out Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands, the Biras Creek resort on Virgin Gorda.  Beleive it or not, St. Bart's also has some very beautiful secluded beaches and resorts - check out le Toiny resort which rents private villas.  During the time of year you are thinking of going you will likely be able to score some great deals on top of hte line hotels.

    The one place I have been dying to go to is Barbuda (not to be confused with Barbados or Bermuda).  This is the ultimate of seclusion in the carribean but unfortunately has a very hefty pricetag (over $1000 per night for a room and you have to take a helicopter to get there).  Its not far from Antigua.

  • I loved Trunk Bay, St. John.
    If you're looking to stay in the states Little Palm Island in Fl is a private beach island.

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