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South Africa Honeymoon: Advice Needed

Hey Knotties!

My fiance and I are considering a honeymoon in South Africa next October. Does anyone know of any reputable, affordable tour groups or travel agents that can help us plan our trip? We're looking for 2-3 weeks and want to visit Cape Town, wine country, and do a safari in Kruger Park while we are there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!


Re: South Africa Honeymoon: Advice Needed

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    Thank you so much!! I will look into all these suggestions! Cinderella30, where did you stay in Fiji? Ironically, my fiance and I are very torn between two honeymoon ideas. One is the South Africa trip I just described and the other is a Fiji-New Zealand honeymoon. We're still deciding. How did you like Fiji??
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