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Cruise or Dominican Republic All-Inclusive?

Wondering if it's actually cheaper to do a cruise honeymoon or go all-inclusive in the Dominican Republic? We're trying to stay around $3000 TOTAL. We like the idea of a Carribbean cruise or Dominican Hotel (goal= beachy and warm and sunny and romantic but with lots to do). Any suggestions??? We are young and not opposed to something up-beat (we're both 22) Maybe we need a Travel Agent... I'm not good at this. (By the way- we will fly for free due to my dad's business). 

Re: Cruise or Dominican Republic All-Inclusive?

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    just remember:  you're never guaranteed sunny.

    2nd=which cruise are you considering?

    also AIs dont have the best entertainment and PC doesn't h ave much in the way of outside of the resort activities.

    are you not considering other islands?


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    You should really talk to a travel agent, or do some research through expedia, or one of those sites.  Compare prices and then see what you think.  
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    I am sure a cruise would be fun but we just went to the DR and had an AWSOME time. This is the site we use, mention Kathleen, I bet they remember me. It was sooo relaxing, and we had great weather. We also did a waterfalling excursion that was FABULOUS. We only did the half day, next time I would do the whole day trip. It was beyond fun and a good adrenalin rush. Good luck planning.

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