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Honeymoon Help!! Romance on a budget!

Hi girls!!

I have to say I'm overwhelmed with the honeymoon search process! I would really love to find an all inclusive resort that we'd be able to stay at for at least 5 days (airfare included) for about $2000 if that's at all possible! If anyone has any advice or alternative suggestions, I would be so grateful! We are trying to visit somewhere in the Carribbean, but we're not opposed to Mexico, Brazil etc. :):) Thanks!!

Re: Honeymoon Help!! Romance on a budget!

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    Mexico is probably your best bet.  We stayed at the Sun Palace in Cancun in February.  The resort itself was $2k for a week.
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    well it depends on when and if the prices are out yet but you can certainly price out vacations on line for the next year or so.


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    I would search on google all inclusive, carribean, mexico, brazil and see what comes up. Then I would go to travelocity or any other websites to compare them. Sometimes you can find a great deal on different websites. And it depends on when you are looking to go.

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    Thank you Ladies!! I will definitely look into cruising!
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    Have you considering talking to a travel agent?  They're free and could give you a good base to start searching from.
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    check out cosctotravel.com and travel.bjs.com

    and if you have any other wholesale clubs in your area that you may already be a member of then see if they have a travel department. also, try livingsocial.com and travelzoo.com

    we'd also like to have a honeymoon on a budget and these websites give us plenty of options.
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