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WWYD: head table

So more and more it really seems like Fi's parents and aunt are coming to the wedding they haven't bought tickets yet but were talking excitedly about it yesterday. His aunt and father only speak italian. His mom speaks italian and some english. I've always known that I didn't want a sweetheart table and wanted to sit with close friends but now as it turns out we will be sitting with his fam fine. Ok, his fam, Fi and I and his best man make 6. Should I put my 2 MOHSOs at the table who do not speak italian Or My friends who do speak italian one of which they've already met that way we can all have dinner convo. Opinions, please.

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    Nati05Nati05 member
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    That's a tough one and I understand your pain. I tend to go through this quite a bit. I wouldn't suggest MOHs at the table. I know you wanted to sit with friends and I'm sorry that plan fell through. But I think sitting them at the table will work against you. I sometimes do the same thing and think oh it'll work out no big. But then I end up getting a little stressed because either I spend most the time talking to this one person and looking rude or I'm struggling to keep everyone in the same conversation and having to translate lots of things for both parties. I don't know about you, but doing this for some time wears me out and in the end I feel like people maybe didn't enjoy the table convo as much as they could have if that makes any sense. I would probably lean towards just family at the table. I'm worried your MOHs might get upset at seeing they're not at the table but other friends are. How close are you two to your italian friends? Could you forsee any jealousy issues?
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    Is it the traditional, long row head table, or is it round? If it's one row / rectangle with seats only on one side, I would just put them at the head table. I've sat at head tables before, and you can only really talk to the person seated directly next to you, anyway. And, if you are having speeches / toasts during dinner, there isn't much opportunity for the guests to chit chat anyway.

    Now if you didn't have the BM at the head table, then I would probably say just leave the head table for family.
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    Do your MOHs have other people they could sit with? If so, I would just put family at the head table. 
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    Nancy00714Nancy00714 member
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    I can't just have family sitting at that table because there would only be 5 people (including fi and me) sitting at the table.  I need to fill up my tables.

    @Bmore:  Tables are round.

    I messaged my MOH and she said whatever makes my life easier is fine with her.  And yes, both of my MOHs have friends/family to sit with.

    FIs BM, on the other hand, won't know a soul other than us (and FI's fam).  But he does speak English.  The best thing really is to sit my other italian speaking friends at the table.

    And Schatzi, omg, you really made me think...of my 100 or so guests 3 speak only italian, about 10 will only speak Spanish, about 20 only English and the others are either fully bilingual (spanish/english) or English is their second language but they manage.

    How am I going to make the ceremony guest friendly?
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