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My fiance and I are looking into this great all inclusive resort but we aren't sure if it is worth it because we aren't frequent travelers and I would hate to waste our hard earned money on a lame honeymoon. We found this great place but it has a huge price tag! It is supposed to be the #1 all inclusive in the USA so it sounds great but doesn't always mean it is. Right now the price tag is $8,435, is it really worth that much?! If you don't mind can you tell me where your all inclusive resorts are and how much you are spending? Thanks soo much :)

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    I didn't think there were AI's in the US.  I wouldn't pay that much to go anywhere in the US.  Does that include your plane tickets?  How long is this for?
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    It is a little "ghost town" turned into this fantastic resort in Colorado. It is for 5 nights, and it doesn't include plane tickets but it does include transportation to the airport and back. I asked a few other people and they said it does have lots of bonus' but I still feel like that is a TON of money. I am very unfamiliar when it comes to all inclusive trips. Thanks so much for your reply! :)

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    [QUOTE]I didn't think there were AI's in the US.  I wouldn't pay that much to go anywhere in the US.  Does that include your plane tickets?  How long is this for?
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    [QUOTE]I think you should talk to a travel agent about alternatives.  Travel agents don't cost you anything.  They are paid by the resorts and cruiselines.
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    I have mentioned to my fiance that we may want to but I thought they charged for their services. Thank you for informing me otherwise! :) I will definitely be looking into finding a local travel agent that could help us make better decisions for our honeymoon! I will also look into alternative destinations on my own to get an idea of what we would like for our honeymoon! :)
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    Do you want to stay in the US? Because for $9000 (once you add on plane tickets), you could get a very nice vacation somewhere tropical and fabulous for a week or more. The fact that you are only getting 5 days of accomodations in Colorado (not knocking Colorado. I ski there at least twice every year) for $8435 doesn't sit well with me. You can definitely get more for your money.  I agree that meeting with a travel agent can help.

    We're staying in an all-inclusive villa in Negril Jamaica for less than half of your price including airfare.
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    H and I are doing 7 nights in an upgraded room at the Valentin Imperial Maya including airfare from Maine for $2600. Even when you add on transfers, tips, two excursions, and souveniers we're spending less than $3500. I would look somewhere else. I'm sure it's a neat place to stay, but that seems crazy.

    MrsG there are a few AIs in the U.S. Most of the ones I've seen are Dude Ranches of some kind.
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    Ya, I don't think you'll find too many AIs in the US, and those that you do will be extremely expensive. If you want an AI, look to some of the Caribbean nations. You'll get way more bang for your buck, usually including airfare.
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    We spent $3,500 for an AI resort in Cancun and that included airfare AND excursions (swimming with dolphins, parasailing, and trip to Chichen Itza)
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    That seems like a lot of money for an all inclusive. We're staying at an all-inclusive in PuntCana for 3,200 and thats for 10 days! I would check out the all inclusives in Mexico too. Dominican republic had great choices, we're staying in the honeymoon suite at the Royal suites Turquesa and we get 4 resorts in one. It's a fantastic deal and I would keep looking if I were you because that is too much money.
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    Wait a second...over $8,000 for 5 days?!  That's $1,687 per day & $843 per person per day!!!

    I haven't a clue what I would do during the day ANYWHERE for $843...unless I went on a serious shopping spree.  If I'm paying that much I better be eating caviar & drinking gold!  Ha!  My family used to take an all-inclusive trip at least once a year to some 5 star resorts around the Caribbean and I bet they paid maybe $3000 per person for a week to 10 days.

    I recommend peeking at Tripadvisor.com and reading reviews.
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    [QUOTE]We spent $3,500 for an AI resort in Cancun and that included airfare AND excursions (swimming with dolphins, parasailing, and trip to Chichen Itza)
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    <div>What was the resort called it sounds great!!!:)</div>
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