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Has anyone ever purchased a trip from Groupon or Living Social?  I'm thinking about going on my honeymoon by purchasing  through them, but I don't know how it works.   How was your experience if you've done so or know someone who has?  Thanks for all replies!


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    I was going to do that. I've never heard anything bad about it, everyone who booked through them had no problems. At the bottom of the Groupon page there is a section where you can ask questions directly to the hotel manager and they answer you very quickly. Just ask them all the questions you want and if it sounds good and the price is right go for it. Be sure to read the fine print!! You will get a very good deal on Groupon.
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    Just remember that Groupon trips usually don't include airfare, so you'll need to factor that into your budget separately. I haven't heard any negative things either. Like PP said, keep an eye on the fine print. 
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    I was told before you buy, call and  make sure the dates youre looking for are available.  you dont want to get stuck with a groupon that cant be used for your hm!
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