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Documents to take to Mexico?

Passport, ID, what are my other must-haves?

Re: Documents to take to Mexico?

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    Don't forget a pen. You'll need one to fill out some forms on the plane and no one will give you one. 
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    Proof of medical insurance (if you have insurance).
    A list of all the vaccinations you've had and any other health conditions/allergies.

    Documents to leave with someone at home:
    A photocopy of your passport
    A notorized letter or POA authorizing a specific person to act on your behalf (in case there's an emergency - like a fire at your home)
    A copy of your itinerary
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    Great information to know. Thanks for the tidbits.
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    to get in and out of the coutry only a passport is required. as for anything more specific-i have a copy of my passport in an email file (yahoo) just in case it's ever lost or stolen. go to the embassy, access email and print it out. you need to bring documentation of all flights, hotel res, excursions, rental cars etc...


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