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Sandals whitehouse vs. st lucia

My fiance and I are pretty positive that we want to do a Sandals honeymoon, the difficulty then becomes that there are SO many different resorts! I'm torn between Whitefall and grande st lucia at this point, any thoughts or opinions? 

Neither of us have ever been anywhere tropical, and want the blue water and sandy beaches! Our budget is only probably around 5-6 thousand, and we definitely want the most bang for our buck! thoughts please!!

Re: Sandals whitehouse vs. st lucia

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    I want to go to a Sandals as well! Our friends just got back from their honeymoon, Sandals St Lucia. Not sure which Sandals it was, but apparently there are three of them and you go to any of them on the island.

    I also know if you go directly to Sandal's website they have a little "Which resort fits you" quiz that's kind of fun! It may help you decide
  • Do you mean Sandals Whitehouse?  I am not familiar with Whitefall.  We are going to Sandals La Toc in St lucia next month and I am so excited.  We have heard amazing things about St. Lucia and honestly we selected our island and then our hotel.  St. Lucia had everything we wanted.. beaches but a rain forest to explore and that is why we selected this location.
  • I did in face mean whitehouse! eek! lol, I'm leaning towards st. lucia, but its so hard cause its such a big decision! We don't get to go on these type of trips often!!!
  • Either way you are going ot have an amazing time
  • What are your plans?  Do you want to leave the resort and tour the island?  Or are you looking to just stay at the resort and relax?  If you are looking to leave the resort I think that St. Lucia may be a better option for you.  Jamaica is not always viewed as the safest island although I am sure they offer some tours that are just fine. 
  • We've stayed at Whitehouse and La Toc in St. Lucia-- both were really amazing, but very different.  We really enjoyed them both.  I'd pick St. Lucia over Jamaica just because there is more to do off of the resort, but both are really lush, pretty countries.

    Whitehouse- you are in the middle of no where, so you feel secluded.  The beach is really really long, but you can only swim in certain areas as there is a lot of seaweed.  Jamaica has a really fun laid back vibe, but there isn't much to do off the resort close to Whitehouse.  The resort itself is immaculate and I think all the rooms have an ocean view. 
    If you are looking for a private spot on the beach, this is the perfect resort for you because the beach is HUGE!  (The beaches in St. Lucia aren't nearly as big.)

    La Toc- WE LOVED La Toc!   This was the first Sandals we stayed at and I was super nervous, but it really impressed us.  We stayed on the Sunset Bluffs and it felt as though we were waking up in a postcard each morning.  The resort is huge, but doesn't feel crowded because there are so many intimate spots.  There is tons to do off the resorts- zip lining, hiking the Pitons, rum tours, etc.  Plus you can visit the other 2 Sandals any time you'd like.

    We've always worked with a travel agent who helped us pick the right resort for what we were looking for each vacation.  We've been really happy with her recommendations.  I had heard prior to booking Sandals to book with a Sandals travel agent- you get a little more TLC then just booking online.  We've always felt well taken care of, but we don't have anything to compare it otherwise.  If you are interested in her info, PM me and I'll send it to you.  She's online so it is super easy to work with her.

    Hope this helps!!
  • I posted too soon---
    Look at Royal Plantation in Jamaica as well.  It is much much smaller and intimate, but the service is AMAZING.  We celebrated my husband's birthday there last year- it was so different than the larger Sandals.
  • Touring the island would be great, but at the same time, just relaxing and sitting by the beach would be great as well! Is the beach on St. Lucia nice? I've heard mixed reviews of it, some people have said that it's not as soft and sandy of a beach. 

  • We just got back from our honeymoon a few weeks ago. We stayed at Sandals La Toc in St. Lucia. It was amazing. You can go to the other resorts as well there is a shuttle that runs you back and forth. The water was crystal clear and beautiful. The beach at our resort was nice, it wasn't huge by any means but it worked and there was enough room for people to spread out. Most people were at the pool bar anyways. The beach at the Grande was bigger.
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