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Honeymoon in Northern Italy.. Help me plan!

Hiii! My fiance and I want to venture to Italy for our honeymoon and are a little stumped of the route we should take. We both haven't ever been before. We are very active and like being on the go, but would love to find some balance relaxing for a couple days somewhere too. We will be going from May 6th-May 17th. We most definitely want to see Rome, Venice, and Terre Cinque; is this possible? If so, what do you suggest be our travel agenda, how many days in each place? 


Re: Honeymoon in Northern Italy.. Help me plan!

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    10 days should be a good amount of time if you are just planning on visiting those three places.  The three times I have been to Venice I spent only 2 nights and that was more than enough time.  We visited the Realto Bridge, San Marco Square and Basiclia, went to Murano to see the glass making and of course did some shopping and eating.  In Cinque Terra, we spent 2 nights as well.  The first night we relaxed and walked through the town we were staying in, Riomaggiore, and the second day we walked from the first village to the last.  The first three times I went to Rome I only spent 1 night there, studying abroad and just went for the weekend, and the last time I was there for 4 nights.  I felt like the 4 nights was more than enough time, but you do need a full day for the Vatican and another day for the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Pantheon, etc.  Three nights should be good enough if you want to fit in one more city.  Florence can also be done in 2 nights or if you want to have one city to relax, stay in Lake Como for a few nights.  
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    Definitely get some idea here, but if you want a whole agenda planned out, I suggest you take the recommendations for places to stay here and see a travel agent. A good travel agent should be able to take your ideas and put them into an itinerary with flights, hotels and transfers that are within your budget.


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    Wear comfortable hiking clothes if you do the long hikes through Cinque Terra. I wore really cheap shorts and there was ridiculous chaffing by the end. It's a pretty decent hike.

    Also, your plan sounds lovely. All those places are great and close enough that you can easily do it in 10 days. I'd consider adding Florence. It's my favorite Italian city (I've spend ~1.5 months there and traveled a bit). It has culture, history, and general yumminess. I found it much nicer than Venice.
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    Will you fly in and out of the same city? Do your dates include travel time? How many nights will you actually have there?

    I would consider adding Florence as well.

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    i've done multi city there a few times.
    seeing what you want to do i'd fly into rome, spend a few days there, take the train to florence, spend a few days thre, on to CT, same and then onto venice and fly out of there.
    with only 11 days (2 traveling) it only leaves you 9 full days. if you can push to a full 2 weeks it will help you out a lot.
    i prefer florence over venice. if i had to add one city and cut another id cut venice and add florence.


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    I spent a month in Rome in college and didn't see everything.  But I'm into art.  I can't imagine going for less than a week, but I guess if you're not into art you can hit the touristy places in the timeframe you are talking about.  If you like art, you need a week in Rome alone.  Of course you have the big sites that PP mentioned, but the churches also have some of the most famous pieces in history, and there are dozens of them.
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