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Budget for Honeymoon in Prague?

My Fiance and I have just booked our hotel and airfare for Prague and are happy with the prices we paid, but now I'm wondering how much we should budget for food and entertainment while we are there (tours, spas, etc.)  Has anyone been to Prague? We will be there for 7 days in October. Advice? Tips?  Thank you in advance! :)

Re: Budget for Honeymoon in Prague?

  • Check on the Trip Advisor forum for Prague. They can usually give you a pretty good idea of how much meals are depending on your budget.


  • Fun fact.  Beer is cheaper than water in Prague.

    You probably don't have to budget too much.  A friend of ours went a couple years ago, and was shocked at how cheap everything was.
  • FI and I are going to Prague in September (Munich and Vienna afterwards). I looked up some of the restaurants on trip advisor (and used google chrome translate). I was SHOCKED how cheap food/beer prices are. It's cheap. I think 100 dollars a day in food costs should more than cover you. 
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    Prague is definitely cheaper than a lot of other European destinations, but without knowing if you have champagne or beer tastes it's hard to give you an idea of a budget. I definitely second the Tripadvisor.com suggestion. Great resource!
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    $100/day for food and drink will be adequate.  You need to shop around though - some of the more popular places on the main strip sell Coke for $5 and lattes for $6, but 3 minutes down the road off the main strip you can get them for way cheaper.  Same with dinners, the big popular touristy places can be quite pricey but there are lots of cheaper pubs and smaller independent places.  Ditto that beer is cheaper than water - but again some places sell a beer for $1 and some places for $4.

    The main touristy places are actually quite good - the Castle, the bridge, the chiming clock tower (go up - the view is worth it!).  Definitely hit up the Castle at night time, it's gorgeous.  And definitely go to the Lennon Wall (across the bridge).  We didn't do the tour of the Old Jewish town, it didn't seem worth the cost (was pretty expensive).  If you have time I would recommend going to Terezin - I think it was about an hour away (we took the bus, really easy and cheap) and totally worth it.  Really really interesting.  Lots of food and lots of beer!

    The Museum of Communism was not at all what I expected, it was pretty small but interesting if you have a couple of hours on a rainy afternoon.  I wouldn't prioritize it though.

    I didn't do the spas but I heard the mud and beer spas are amazing, but they are a few hours outside of Prague.  Depends how much time you want to spend travelling.

    I 100% recommend the Rick Steves Prague travel guide.  Best $20 we spent for that trip, we didn't need to pay for walking tours or guides and got to learn a LOT about our surroundings (there is so much history in everything that you normally would just walk by and say oh- a cobblestone walkway, or what a pretty statue).  He is really informative and walks you through lots of stuff, he tells you what is worth spending time/money on and what isn't.

  • Also - what hotel did you book?

  • We Booked the Kings Court Hotel.  Thank you SOOOmuch for your detailed response. I just read it to my fiance and we both found it extremely helpful.  We're so excited!
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