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Secrets Maroma Beach

Hey Everyone,

We just booked our honeymoon to Secrets Maroma Beach and we are extremely excited!  If anyone has any insight about ANYTHING, I would love to hear it!  Suggestions/Tips are welcome!
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Re: Secrets Maroma Beach

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    Did you go through a travel agent type person or did you book online?  I'm having a heck of a time figuring out a honeymoon with the FI and I know the resort yo've booked comes highly rated.
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    We are going there for our HM in 2 weeks :)  The reviews make it sound amazing, I hope they're right!

    Lmlee- we used a travel agent, but it didn't really save us much from what we could have booked it through their website for.  HTH
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    Hi! We are going to Secrets Maroma for 12 days in August. We are soooo excited! We booked with Liberty Travel (which I believe is a national travel agency) and saved a significant amount by using them.

    Also, I bookmarked a past thread that has a lot of great tips about the resort: http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_honeymoon_gobucks-other-recent-secrets-maroma-hmers

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    hz80408hz80408 member
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    I HMed there and we loved it! I have a review and few pics in my Ms. Bio.

    Your first day there I would make reservations to sit at the hibachi grill at somepoint during your stay.  Book early because it fills up fast.
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    You're going to love it! I agree with HZ, book a night at the hibachi grill early bc it's delicious, fun, and fills up fast. I would also recommend you book a beach bed for at least 1 day bc they fill up fast too (these are an additional charge but worth it :) Take advantage of room service! Especially for breakfast. Ask for what you want - service here is amazing and they will do whatever they can to accommodate you. Have fun! I can't wait to go back :)
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    As soon as you get there purchase one of the beds on the beach.  I think it was 20-30 dollars but that includes the entire day.  Plus you get your own butler that will bring you food and drinks all day.  It is UUUmazing!!! 
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    Secrets Maroma is gorgeous! We stayed there a couple of years ago, and we'll be there for our honeymoon in 11 days! The hibachi dinner is a must, and the Sun and Moon couples massage is awesome, too!

    The best tip I ever got before going was to bring a bunch of singles with me to tip people during the trip. A couple of dollars goes along way with the bartenders and serves! I would say bring $10 in singles for everyday of your trip.
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    w101tibw101tib member
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    We are going there for our honeymoon on June 12th...Super freakin excited!!! Its crazy, all the reviews are great and thats odd for a resort, usually you hear just as much bad as there is good, but not Secrets Maroma
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    Thanks for all your suggestions and tips! 

    One of the student's in my class has an uncle that works there, so we were able to get a bit of a deal!   I can't wait to go!!!  Everything sounds sooo amazing.  I really haven't heard anything bad... at all!  Yay! 

    Ladies that are planning on going soon, let us know how it went!!!  Have fun! :)

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