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My fiance and I have finally decided on a cruise for the honeymoon. Has anyone else done this? And if so we were a little worried about the bar bill? how much is it to get a drink on a crusie ship? Thank you so much cause we have no idea!

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    I don't know what cruise line you are taking but I can tell you back in '07 when dh and I took our one and only cruise we will ever take a beer was $5 and a mixed drink was $12.
    That was on Carnival btw. 

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    Wow $12 for a mixed drink that is crazy! We were looking at royal caribbean.
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    I found this post on cruise critic that might help.  If you scroll down, someone posted a sample menu:  [url]http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=989163[/url]
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    I just went on a crusie a few months ago, and the drinks were certainly not $5 for a beer and $12 for a mixed drink! FI and I did our fair share of drinking a few of the nights and we never would have been buying drinks if they were that insanely priced. Plus, they always have a drink of the day that's discounted and it comes out to about $4 or $5 and they're always a yummy tropical type concoction. I would say the drink prices are more along the lines of drink prices at your local bar. I've been on Carnival and Royal Caribbean and the drink prices were about the same and didn't really differ.

    Also, if you're worried about your on-board bill sky rocketing, just check your balance daily on the tv in your room. All of your on-board purchases will be displayed on an invoice.. everything from drinks.. pictures.. shore excursions (if you purchased through your room) will be shown there. HTH!
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    Ok I feel a little better now about the prices! Thank you all so much!
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    Yeah you have got to do the tasting activities! They are a lot of fun and you usually get quite a few smaller-size drinks for not so much money ($15 or so). Check your cruise's activity calendar/newsletter to see what they're doing, I've cruised on Norwegian and there was a different alcohol tasting every day with smaller sizes of a variety of drinks. I think they had beer, wine, martini, tequila, and rum. And if you get the drink of the day you usually get to keep the souvenier glass. :)
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    So glad you asked this question and all the responses! We are doing a cruise also and I was thinking we were going to be breaking the bank with the bar bill!
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    Monkey girl is right, I cruise all the time and typical drink prices are anywhere from maybe $5 (for a special) to $12 (for a martini type drink). I don't know how much you drink, but FI and I drink several a day (often more than several) while on vacation. I budget a few hundred for a week and *hope* not to spend it. A low end glass of wine is easily $7 for example, and I've found that to be pretty much the same for carnival, holland america, ncl...ect.
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    If you want to cruise and drink, celebrity is the way to go. They have great all-inclusive alcohol packages that they just introduced. 
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