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I know you ladies have both been to Galley Bay in Antigua, and we just booked it!

I was wondering, what type of rooms did you guys get? Were you happy with them? We booked the gangiun cottage for now, but I am debating if we would rather have a Premium Beachfront Suite. It's about $600 more. It seems nice to have the private pool in the cottage, but I'm not sure about the bathroom being in a separate cottage. I also know that they're located by the lagoon and I'm wondering if there will be more mosquitos over there (FI is extremely allergic.) I also LOVE the huge tubs they have in the PBS suites and it seems like it would be cool to walk right out onto the beach. So, I'm torn.

Also, any other suggestions of your favorite excursions or anything you did while you were there? TIA! :)

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  • First, congratulations on booking your honeymoon.  That is SO exciting!  We had an upper level "Deluxe Beachfront Room" and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The private pool sounds absolutely yummy, though.  I'd probably go for that, if it were for the honeymoon.  Have fun!

    Our favorite excusion was the helicopter tour.  It was absolutely amazing, such a great experience to see the island from that perspective.  We made a couple of brief trips downtown, but honestly, enjoyed the mellow vibe of the resort -- a perfect place to kick back and relax.

    You will have a fabulous time!!

  • Thank you! Yes, the cottage does seem a bit more private so that's definitely a plus. :)

    I will definitely have to check out the helicopter tour! I haven't even heard of that! Any idea what company you guys used?

    I am SUPER excited about the mellow vibe of the resort. We aren't hardcore party people and aren't really looking to meet lots of other couples on our HM. We just want to relax and enjoy, and I think this place will be perfect for that!
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